Inside BMO’s Workplace Xperience Program

By: Elizabeth Mixson

What role does office design play in shaping the employee experience at your company?

Design plays a critical role in how BMO will transform how employees work and where they work. We are embracing cutting-edge workplace design and curating an exciting and personal experience for our employees through BMO Workplace Xperience (WX). Our offices will include best practice technology tools to create a more accessible and intuitive workplace, and a choice of multi-use spaces including:

    • Me space – personal space i.e. desks and cubbies
    • We space, team space for meetings or impromptu conversations
    • Connection space – i.e. cafes and spaces to interact and collaborate
    • Different workstation options: sit-stand desks, phone booths or focus cubbies

    BMO’s WX will also include Workplace Ambassadors and wellness amenities.

    How do you know what employees expect/want when it comes to office design? 

    The way work is done across industries is changing at a rapid pace. Today more and more cross-functional teams are coming together to solve problems and they need their workplace and technology tools to enable them to do that seamlessly. They also want to feel a sense of pride and connection to where they work along with a higher sense of purpose to their work and how they deliver value to our customers. 

    We also know that workplace design and choice are high on the priority list for protentional job seekers, and the war for talent is real. It can become a competitive advantage or disadvantage when it comes to recruitment. We also have in place, various employee engagement and feedback initiatives that will help inform our WX design strategy.

    What are the top 3 technologies or office design solutions shaping the employee experience and why?

    Across enterprise, BMO WX will provide a consistent experience with connectivity and seamless tools for virtual and on location work. We are building a robust infrastructure that is stable, scalable and integrated with these top three technologies:

    • Mixed Reality for education and training
    • Energy pods for mental health and wellness 
    • AI for data mining to determine employee sentiment, enablers and detractors 

    We want to ensure our employees have the resources they need to be highly valuable and effective in their roles. That is why we launched our Brilliance Bars. An on-site service that enhances how we deliver IT support to our employees. This internal resource will provide flexible solutions, rapid assistance and customized learning/adoption opportunities that enhance our digital knowledge across the organization. The WX strategy includes launching six Brilliance Bars across or projects. Our first one has already launched in Toronto and the second one will be in Milwaukee.

    By setting our employees up for success, our new workspaces will transform how we work to deliver the best experience and service to our customers.