January 22 - 24, 2020
New York, NY

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Future Offices Winter Event Guide

When it comes to workplace implementation or office development, one size, shape, and location does NOT fit all. This year, Future Offices is here to help you tie in design, wellness, co-working, mixed-use, and technology implementation to successf ...

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Take a look at this Future Offices Winter Sponsorship Prospectus to see the demographic breakdown of our audience, speaking faculty, available thought leadership opportunities, sponsorship oportunities and more. Contact Max.Miller@iqpc.com for additional information.

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Current Attendee Snapshot: 2019 Future Offices

Interested to see who will be joining you at Future Offices Winter taking place January 23 - 25, 2019 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC? Check out our Current Attendee Snapshot to find out who's signed up to attend so far.

Future Offices 2018 Wrap Up Report: Find Out What Makes Future Office Special

Couldn't make it to the 2018 Future Offices in San Francisco? Find out what you missed with our Event Wrap Up Report. We can't promise it will lessen your FOMO but it will help you build your case to attend the 2019 Future Offices by outlining:Top speakers and sessionsWho attended Our...

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Take a closer look at our confirmed Site Tours at VICE, Uber, Hulu, Shutterstock, Bloomberg, and Take-Two Interactive!

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Past Attendee Snapshot

Check out our "Past Attendee List" to learn more about who you can expect to meet & learn from this January 23 - 25, 2019 in New York City at 2019 Future Offices!

Office Design Trends, Research & Insights

The 5 Pillars of Designing Work Environments that Drive Intergenerational Collaboration

For the first time ever, we have a workforce made up of 4 different generations: Pre-Boomers, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. Though what unites these 4 generations is certainly stronger that what separate, still each groups brings a wide range of differing values, expectations and needs to the...

The Journey to the Office of the Future

Find out what trends you need to get ahead of and what technology you should be implementing in your workplace to take you office into the next level and become an office of the future. Embark on the journey with our guide today.

Gensler's Co-CEO on the Future of Office Design: A Conversation with Diane Hoskins

Which Gensler projects are you most proud of and why?We view every project as an opportunity to make a difference for our clients and our communities, which is an extension of our mission of creating a better world  through the power of design. For a firm that works on projects...

The State of the Office 2018

In 1999, Office Space was released. It became a cult classic because it is, above all, hilarious.But it also tapped into the frustrations and anxieties of everyone who’d ever worked in an office. The impersonal cubicle farm. The claustrophobic conference rooms. The indecipherable, dysfunctional technology. The harshly lit break room....

Planning Your Enterprise Video Strategy: 7 Steps to a Successful Deployment

Video is everywhere, it seems. From our social media feeds to website advertising to office reception areas; when it comes to telling a story or delivering a message it is becoming obvious that video is emerging as the preferred method.It is easy to see why; improving networks and data capabilities...

Don’t Copy Someone Else’s Office: How Twitter & Cigna Build Workspaces That Drive Corporate Values

To help you get started on your journey towards data driven design, we asked 2 of our advisory board members, - Tracy Hawkins, Global Head of Real Estate & Workplace at Twitter and  Sanjiv Awasthi, VP Global Real Estate at Cigna,  how they use data to ensure your office design...

How to Make Healthy Eating Part of Your Corporate Culture

Unhealthy habits are expensive – not only for individuals and society in general, but also for employers. Over the past ten years, chronic disease has increased by 25 percent in working-age adults, and the CDC estimates that productivity losses due to missed work costs employers $225.8 billion, or $1,685 per...

2018 Presentations

Digital Workplace Transformation is a Strategy Not a Product

Check out this presentation from our Summer 2018 Future Offices Summit covering:Leveraging the right technology in order to deliver a “tailored” work environmentImplementing a digital workplace strategy to promote increased revenueNew digital workplace approaches to drive innovationSpeeding up business cycles and increasing productivity to drive competitive advantagePresentation by:Michelle Caldwell, North...

Aligning Workforce and Real Estate Strategies with Business Objectives

Jennifer Keller, Director of Strategy and Planning at Johnson & Johnson talks about key success factors for reducing property costs, improving business performance, and incorporating workplace values.

Video Library

How Space Impacts Employee Productivity

We sat down with Ruven Gotz, Director, Digital Workplace Advisory at Avanade, to discuss the future of workspace design, tying office design to employee performance and why Future Offices is different from other real estate events.

SAP's Scientific Approach to Workplace Design

At the Summer 2018 Future Offices summit, we sat down with Al Kinisky, a Global Real Estate Strategist Partner, Cloud Business Group at SAP, to discuss how SAP has embraced data-driven design, is leveraging interior design to maximize employee engagement and ushered in a new era of space utilization optimization.

Agile Working, Flexible Working & Activity Based Working

Check out this full session video from the 2018 Future Offices! Panelists include:Philip Connolly, Manager, Design and Construction Operations, Liberty Mutual Insurance Andres Cueto, Portfolio Director, Corporate Real Estate, BBVA Compass Amanda Merrow, Workplace Strategy + Design, Manager, Capital One Sara Baldi, VP Global Workplace, McKesson  Katie Rodrigues, VP, Workplace...

Tech Titans vs. Traditional Enterprises: Customizing Workplace Design To Appeal To Your Culture

5 office design leaders from technology startups and established companies compare & contrast their approaches to designing workspaces that emphasize core values, increase productivity, and additionally showcase brand image. Hear them discuss challenges, successes, and new initiatives to accommodate recent workplace design trends.Panelists include:Julija Costantino, Head of Workplace Operations, PinterestJena...

Smart Workplace Design for the World's Largest Workforce: Interview with Walmart's Vice President of Design, Dan Makoski

Dan Makoski, Walmart's Vice President of Design, shares an overview of Walmart's top workplace design priorities for 2018, workplace design trends and the importance of building flexible and mobile workplaces.

Event Trailer

Watch the Future Offices Teaser Reel

This past August, 200+ office design & architecture, space utilization, real estate and workplace technology leaders joined us at Future Offices Summer in San Francisco. See firsthand what was talked about onsite, what was learned and why you can't afford to miss Future Offices Winter January 23 - 25, 2019...

Featured Content

A Look Into the 2030 Office: 11 Technologies & Innovations that will Shape the Future of Office Design

What does the future hold for office design?Experts predict that by 2030 offices will need to accommodate a new workforce made up of digital nomads who, rather than being tied to a physical workplace, will move freely between remote work stations and numerous physical offices. In addition, new solutions such...

In Defense of the Open Office Layout

Insights from Top Workplace Experts at Simple Finance, Robin, & Chapman University.The open office layout is having a PR crisis. Over the past few years, dozens if not hundreds of articles have been published everywhere from the Fast Company to Buzzfeed to the Washington Post trashing the open office layout. But...