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Take a look at the Future Offices Solution Provider's Guide. Inside, you'll find the following:Overview of the Future Offices Series of eventsAudience breakdownIndustry investment prioritiesPartnership opportunitiesTeaser trailerand moreFor additional information regarding sponsorship/exhibiting, contact

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Current Attendee Snapshot

Review the Current Attendee Snapshot for Future Offices Winter 2020 for a sneak peak at the potential networking opportunities you can experience in New York City this January! 

Future Offices 2019 Wrap Up Report

Couldn't make it to the last Future Offices conference? Find out what you missed with our Event Wrap Up Report. We can't promise it will lessen your FOMO but it will help you build your case to attend the Future Offices Winter 2020 by outlining:Top speakers and sessionsWho attended Our...

Justification Letter & ROI Calculator

Build your business case to attend Future Offices 2020 with our customizable Dear Boss Letter! Also includes our interactive ROI calculator. 

Past Attendee Snapshot

Check out our "Past Attendee List" to learn more about who you can expect to meet & learn from this January!

Video Library

Interview with Cheryl Derricotte from Patreon on Office Localization & Workplace Equality Initiatives

Exclusive interview with Cheryl Derricotte, Senior Facilities Manager at Patreon about office localization and the importance of workplace equality initiatives. 

How BMO Mastered People-Centered Design

How do you balance the use of cutting edge office tech with human touch? In this short Q&A, we sat down with BMO Financial Group's Global Head of Employee Experience & Workplace Transformation, Lynn Roger, and Managing Director, Head Workplace Experience, Mohamed Rajan to discuss how and why they've embraced people-centered...

Interview with Red Hat on Workplace Culture, Retention, & Open Offices

Take a look at this new interview from Future Offices Summer with Anthony Parzanese, Global Senior Manager at Red Hat and Future Offices Chairman as he breaks down new workplace culture initiatives, how Red Hat actively plans to improve retention, and his thoughts on the open office debate.  

Implementing a Digital Workplace with Avanade

Where does one start with implementing a digital workplace? How does it impact employee engagement? Learn from our speakers at Avanade with this exclusive presentation from Future Offices Summer 2019: Implementing a Digital Workplace to Enhance Employee Engagement  Speakers: Michelle Caldwell, North America Digital Workplace Transformation Lead, AvanadeRuven Gotz, Workplace...

Global Workspace Optimization at Gilead Sciences

Watch our 2019 keynote! Assal Yavari, Director, Facilities & Operations, Gilead Sciences and Leah Bauer, Interior Design Practice Leader, HDR discuss:Targeted workplace data in analysis and visualizationBuilding trust and confidence in workplace decisionsOccupancy data, capacity planning, cost analysis, functionality decisions, and space assignments

The Future of Work and Evolution of Space

Watch Vik Aggarwal, Global Head of Enterprise, Knotel and Mike Huaco, Vice President, Global WorkPlace and Real Estate, Uber discuss:Migrating away from traditional head down workspaces to a more collaborative, flexible workspace environmentUnderstanding the potential of lower costs and social spaces that are dedicated to maximizing productivity

The Challenge of Workplace Change

Presentation at Future Offices Summer 2019 covering "The Challenge of Workplace Change". Our speakers from MovePlan Group and Westfield discuss the importance of effective return on design investments through an applied change management strategy and significantly reducing occupancy costs while increasing workforce productivity and satisfaction.Speakers:Lori Gabel, HR Talent Engagement Leader,...

Where To Start With Your Workplace And Real Estate Strategy

Our talented Future Offices speakers explore the very beginning on how to build a success workplace and real estate strategy. In this exclusive presentation from Future Offices Summer 2019, they dove into the drivers for determining your investments within your real estate strategy distinguishing workplace and workspace initiatives. Speakers include:Sally Augustin,...

The Starting Point For Workplace And Real Estate Technology

Where do you start with building your digital workplace with new real estate technology? Our Future Offices Summer 2019 speakers explore understanding the best productivity tools for your specific business and implementing technology that will make a valid return on your investment.Speakers: Cheryl Derricotte, Senior Facilities Manager, PatreonMichelle Caldwell, North America Digital...

Is Coworking Right For You? What Could Be The Essential Real Estate And Workplace Strategy?

Hear from our Future Offices Summer 2019 speakers about utilizing expansion spaces for company growth or project based initiatives and strategies for shorter, flexible leases, management and consumption of office space. 

Case Study: Creating a Commute Plan to Ensure a Safe Workplace

This presentation is a case study from Transitscreen that covers the significant shift of the commuting experience throughout the pandemic and how organizations should be preparing their employees. Presented by Rachel Karitis, Director of Marketing at TransitScreen along with Q&A from Rachel D'Ruan, Program Director at IQPC.

Interview with Uber & Knotel on Space Utilization, Flex Offices & Employee Experience

Exclusive interview with Mike Huaco, VP, Global Head of Workplace and Real Estate at Uber and Vik Aggarwal, Global Head of Enterprise at Knotel on their take on space utilization, flex offices and employee experience at Future Offices Summer 2019.

How Space Impacts Employee Productivity

We sat down with Ruven Gotz, Director, Digital Workplace Advisory at Avanade, to discuss the future of workspace design, tying office design to employee performance and why Future Offices is different from other real estate events.

Atlassian Case Study: Creating A Flexible Office Design In A First Generation Building

Interested in seeing first hand what you can expect from the 2020 Future Ofiices Winter? Check out this full session video that explores:Successfully creating spaces that encourage clients and employees to socialize and congregateLocalizing your design and culture to the look and feel of your surrounding urban environmentPresentation by Scott...

Transforming Culture and Space: A Collaboration Story

See Will Martin, Senior Director of Real Estate and Facilities, HMS present at Future Offices Spring on:How space design played a role in HMS’ transformation from 2015-2019How vision and partnership will lead HMS into the futureVideo length = 46:08 minutes

Event Trailer

Watch the Future Offices Teaser Reel

This past August, 200+ office design & architecture, space utilization, real estate and workplace technology leaders joined us at Future Offices Summer in San Francisco. See firsthand what was talked about onsite, what was learned and why you can't afford to miss Future Offices Winter January 23 - 25, 2019...

Future Offices Winter Site Tour Trailer

Future Offices Winter will hold complimentary site tours of the area’s coolest and newest offices. Step into guided tours led by heads of real estate to understand the planning and execution of their architecture, space utilization and technology implementations. Tour capacity is limited, so be sure to see our registration...

Office Design Trends, Research & Insights

In Defense of the Open Office Layout

Insights from Top Workplace Experts at Simple Finance, Robin, & Chapman University.The open office layout is having a PR crisis. Over the past few years, dozens if not hundreds of articles have been published everywhere from the Fast Company to Buzzfeed to the Washington Post trashing the open office layout. ...

Collaboration at Play: Human-Centric Office Design Techniques & Strategies

The future of office design is the human experience. Over the past decade, leading-edge organizations have identified and exploited the connection between office design and employee experience to increase productivity, employee engagement and long-term business performance. However, to truly understand how employees interact with their work environments and which design...

How to Effectively Transform Your Workplace in 3 Steps

How to make a successful transition from assigned to flexible seating.You know that there’s under-utilization of desk and office space in your workplace. But how do you objectively measure and quantify it? Even more importantly, what do you do about it? The latest trend and way to save a consideriable...

2019 Presentations

PAST PRESENTATION PACKET: Technology & Innovation in Office Design

Check out 3 presentations from our 2018 event series that explore how leading-edge corporations are leveraging technology to design workspaces that drive productivity, collaboration and wellness. Presentations include:Measure Twice, Build Once: The Science Behind Occupant Focused Specifications By Lucas Hamilton, Manager, Building Science Applications, CertainTeed / Saint-GobainReal Estate Technology and...

PAST PRESENTATION PACKET: Using Office Design to Enhance Employee Experience, Collaboration and Wellbeing

View 4 presentations exploring how leading-edge organizations are designing offices that drive employee wellness, innovation, connectivity and cultural transformation. Packet includes:How We Were Able To Transform 100+ Year Old Company Culture With Creation Of A Corporate UniversityTeresa I. Navarec, Vice President of Corporate Real Estate, State Compensation Insurance FundAndrea Bailey,...

New 2020 Reports

FM:Systems & Future Offices Report

From open office trends to workplace perks, office design trends have been steadily evolving over the past two decades until COVID-19 threw the remote work trend into hyperdrive. With most organizations now working from home, it is a key time to decipher how the future office will look in order...

What CRE Tenants Want

Commercial real estate has officially been disrupted. The rise of digital technology and evolving customer expectations has transformed commercial landlords from rent collectors to service providers. Though cost and location will always be top priorities for commercial tenants, the landlords that take the time to understand what tenants want in...

Going Green in 2020: Guiding Principles for Constructing Sustainable Offices

The science is clear, large-scale environmental disturbances such as anthropogenic climate change, deforestation and pollution threaten not only our way of life, but our very existence as a species.  However, as daunting as this crisis is, architects, CRE developers, facilities managers and other office design leaders are uniquely positioned to...

The 10 Office Building Development Projects Reshaping U.S. Cities

In preparation for January's Future Offices Winter conference, we are thrilled to share the most recent office developments that are taking over the skylines of our country's top cities. DOWNLOAD our latest report to learn more about the top 10 office projects not only exciting investors, but changing the fabric...

The Future Offices Podcast: Episode 1 Recap

If you haven't heard already, we started a podcast! This podcast series engages industry-famous experts to join host Kevin Steinberger to talk about the stuff that’s changing the face of the way we work. Real Estate, Workplace, Facilities, HR, and IT -- all of these traditionally siloed departments are combining...

The Future Offices Podcast: Episode 2 Recap

Episode #2 of the Future Offices Podcast is here! Our guest, Workplace Technology Strategist at Cisco, Mark Miller, works with both global customers to find the workplacestrategies that work best for them and their workforces,  and also his team of Cisco engineers to develop the winning technology innovations that suit...

Future Offices 2020: Calendar of Events

Where is Future Offices going in 2020? Take a look at our updated Calendar of Events!