In Defense of the Open Office Layout

In Defense of the Open Office Layout

Insights from Top Workplace Experts at Simple Finance, Robin, & Chapman University.

The open office layout is having a PR crisis. Over the past few years, dozens if not hundreds of articles have been published everywhere from the Fast Company to Buzzfeed to the Washington Post trashing the open office layout. 

But are open layout offices really the root of all negative workplace behavior? Furthermore, are there instances where open office floorplans have lived up to their initial promise of improved productivity, collaboration and innovation? In an effort to learn more, we sat down with our speakers from Simple Finance, Robin, & Chapman University to discuss:

  • What separates open-office layout successes from failures? Are there any predictors of success?
  • What key considerations should office designers make before they move to an open floor plan especially when it comes to cultural readiness?
  • In what ways do open-offices live up to the hype? What are the real potential downfalls workplace designers should be aware of?

Includes perspectives from 4 Future Offices 2019 Speakers:

  • Michelle Samura, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, Chapman University
  • Tia Black, Workplace Experience Lead, Simple Finance
  • Sarah Drew, Director, Workplace Experience, Simple Finance
  • Sam Dunn, CEO and Co-Founder, Robin

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