January 22 - 24, 2020 | New York, NY

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Future Offices Winter 2020 Agenda

Future Offices Winter 2020 Agenda

Future Offices is a premium Corporate Real Estate, Workplace, and Facilities conference that reflects the critical, driving continuum to create effectual and innovative offices to maximize employee productivity. The ultimate goal of Future Offices is to bring together top brand executives and thought leaders to provide expertise on how to build and design environments that are not only inspirational, but positive to the enterprise bottom line.

When it comes to workplace implementation or office development, one size, shape, and location does NOT fit all

This year, Future Offices is here to help you tie in design, facilities management, real estate strategywellness, co-working, technology implementation, employee experience, the role of HR/IT, and more to successfully refocus on your employee experience as it relates to your specific company business goals.

Check out our agenda to learn more about the speakers and topics you'll experience onsite!

PAST PRESENTATION PACKET: Technology & Innovation in Office Design

PAST PRESENTATION PACKET: Technology & Innovation in Office Design

Check out 3 presentations from our 2018 event series that explore how leading-edge corporations are leveraging technology to design workspaces that drive productivity, collaboration and wellness. Presentations include:

  • Measure Twice, Build Once: The Science Behind Occupant Focused Specifications By Lucas Hamilton, Manager, Building Science Applications, CertainTeed / Saint-Gobain
  • Real Estate Technology and Innovation: Defining Your Needs for Connectivity By Sandra Peterson Corkern, Workplace Management Leader | Real Estate Technology & Innovation | Business Enablement, Ernst & Young
  • The Digital Workplace Transformation: Designing, Building, Integrating and Supporting Collaborative Environments That Bring People Together By Danny Rogers, VP of Channels, AVI-SPL

Key themes include:

  • Deploying new technology that will benefit your workplace and employee collaboration
  • Defining your company as a creative tenant through technology and digital amenities
  • Analyzing job responsibilities and determining the most essential technology
  • Creating an alignment between office design, technology, and your workforce
  • Analyzing job responsibilities and determining the most essential technology
  • Creating an alignment between office design, technology, and your workforce
PAST PRESENTATION PACKET: Using Office Design to Enhance Employee Experience, Collaboration and Wellbeing

PAST PRESENTATION PACKET: Using Office Design to Enhance Employee Experience, Collaboration and Wellbeing

View 4 presentations exploring how leading-edge organizations are designing offices that drive employee wellness, innovation, connectivity and cultural transformation. Packet includes:

How We Were Able To Transform 100+ Year Old Company Culture With Creation Of A Corporate University

  • Teresa I. Navarec, Vice President of Corporate Real Estate, State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • Andrea Bailey, HR Business Partner and Chief of Staff, State Compensation Insurance Fund

Beyond Benefits & Broccoli: What Employees Really Want From Work

  • Rachel Druckenmiller, Director of Wellbeing, Alera Group

Flexible Workspaces And Intelligent Space Management

  • Michael Kruklinski, Head of Real Estate, Siemens Gas & Power and Siemens USA
  • Nichelle Grant, Head of Vertical Markets, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Americas
  • Elizabeth Medford, Asset Management Unit Head, US Central West Region, Siemens Real Estate

Citrix’s Corporate Real Estate Journey To Create Mobile And Dynamic Workspaces

  • Jenna Geigerman, Director, Real Estate & Strategy, Citrix
  • John Bonano, Project Manager, Innovation and Design, Citrix

Key themes of these presentations include:

  • Designing space to attract, develop and retain the workforce of the future
  • Technology implementation, enhancing connectivity, and infrastructure for these types of implementation
  • Making sure the space works: Designing your corporate landscape in unique ways for multi use purposes and a diverse workforce
  • Proving all employees, regardless of generation, opportunities to connect and belong
  • How to narrow in on opportunities for your workforce to grow and learn, and feel a sense of contribution and appreciation
  • Adopting intelligent space design
  • Creating dynamic spaces through design

What CRE Tenants Want

What CRE Tenants Want

Commercial real estate has officially been disrupted. The rise of digital technology and evolving customer expectations has transformed commercial landlords from rent collectors to service providers. Though cost and location will always be top priorities for commercial tenants, the landlords that take the time to understand what tenants want in addition to that to are the ones that will be best prepared to keep their spaces filled no matter the external market conditions. With that in mind, we at Future Offices created this new report outlining the top 6 things office space tenants want.

In addition, this report also explores:

  • The latest CRE and office technology trends
  • The art of balancing ROI with amenities
  • The evolution towards space-as-a-service
  • The growth of flexible spaces, agile leasing and co-working
  • 3 multi-use developments to watch


How BMO Mastered People-Centered Design

How BMO Mastered People-Centered Design

How do you balance the use of cutting edge office tech with human touch? In this short Q&A, we sat down with BMO Financial Group's Global Head of Employee Experience & Workplace Transformation, Lynn Roger, and Managing Director, Head Workplace Experience, Mohamed Rajan to discuss how and why they've embraced people-centered design. 

Going Green in 2020: Guiding Principles for Constructing Sustainable Offices

Going Green in 2020: Guiding Principles for Constructing Sustainable Offices

The science is clear, large-scale environmental disturbances such as anthropogenic climate change, deforestation and pollution threaten not only our way of life, but our very existence as a species.  However, as daunting as this crisis is, architects, CRE developers, facilities managers and other office design leaders are uniquely positioned to confront these issues head on.

With this eBook, we aim to introduce you to the basic, core principles of sustainable office design. Though every “green” project is different, we hope you’ll use the knowledge and resources we provide here to inspire your journey towards a high-performance, environmentally friendly workplace. 

DOWNLOAD our 22 page report to learn more about:

  • Building Your Case for Going Green
  • Green Certificaton Overview
  • 5 Steps to Going Green
  • 9 Sustaninable CRE Projects to Know
  • 2019's Top Sustainability Trends
Collaboration at Play: Human-Centric Office Design Techniques & Strategies

Collaboration at Play: Human-Centric Office Design Techniques & Strategies

The future of office design is the human experience. Over the past decade, leading-edge organizations have identified and exploited the connection between office design and employee experience to increase productivity, employee engagement and long-term business performance. 

However, to truly understand how employees interact with their work environments and which design elements will drive desired behaviors, office design leaders must do more than just track space utilization; they must forge deep, emotional connections with employees. In addition, to ensure their new human-centric office design initiatives are a success, they must work with stakeholders and partners such as HR and IT to ensure the new space is properly utilized. 

In this white paper, we’ve collected 7 case studies from a wide range of companies such as Instacart, Fidelity, Citrix and more to showcase best practices and lessons learning for embracing human-centric design to facilitate increased inter-personal connection. Download this piece to find out how you too can: 

  • Effectively communicate the value and ROI of human-centric design
  • Adopt data analytics and evidence-driven approaches to designing spaces that facilitate collaboration
  • Leveraging the latest design techniques to actuate innovation and relationship building
  • Aligning office design objectives to your organization’s unique culture and mission
  • Avoiding common missteps when design collaboration spaces
  • Ensuring workspaces are fully optimized both from technological and employee engagement standpoints
  • Embracing and enabling agile workspace design
The 10 Office Building Development Projects Reshaping U.S. Cities

The 10 Office Building Development Projects Reshaping U.S. Cities

In preparation for January's Future Offices Winter conference, we are thrilled to share the most recent office developments that are taking over the skylines of our country's top cities. DOWNLOAD our latest report to learn more about the top 10 office projects not only exciting investors, but changing the fabric of the very cities they inhabit. Get this inside scoop on:

  • The who, what, where and why of the nation's key office development projects
  • How these projects are leveraging cutting-edge tech to deliver truly tenant-centric environments
  • The latest CRE trends such as mixed-use, sustainability, smart building technology, innovative commercial models and more!