The State of the Office 2018

The State of the Office 2018

In 1999, Office Space was released. It became a cult classic because it is, above all, hilarious.

But it also tapped into the frustrations and anxieties of everyone who’d ever worked in an office. The impersonal cubicle farm. The claustrophobic conference rooms. The indecipherable, dysfunctional technology. The harshly lit break room. The office of Initech, the fictional software company depicted in the film, could’ve been that of any company anywhere.

Nearly two decades later, the workplace has changed for the better. Employees have more freedom, thanks largely to advancements in technology. Employers care nearly as much about employees’ well-being as their productivity. But the state of the workplace is ever-changing, in terms of both technology and design.

In this e-book, we’ll break down the innovations happening in each part of a standard office, reveal the forward-thinking companies doing things right, and share the products and practices your workplace needs to stay current—or ahead of the game.

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