January 22, 2020 | 530 5th Avenue, New York, NY
January 23 - 24, 2020 | 225 Liberty Street, New York, NY

The Future Offices Podcast is a new series that brings you an all-encompassing approach to the future of work. Hosted by Kevin Steinberger, the Director of Future Offices, we'll be speaking with various real estate leaders and workplace visionaries each episode who are at the forefront of changing the way we think about where and how we work.

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About Your Host - Kevin Steinberger

Director and Producer of the annual Future Offices conferences, Kevin has a diverse commercial understanding in a variety of industry verticals across the corporate real estate, facilities, and workplace sector. Some of his hobbies include bike rides, hitting the beach, drawing, and producing music.

Episode #2:

"Every Workplace Has Its Own Fingerprint"

Guest: Mark Miller, Global Workplace Technologist, Cisco

In this episode, Mark and Kevin dive into:

Episode #1:

"An Emotionally Intelligent Digital Transformation of the Office"

Guests: Avanade

In our very first episode, we dive into tackling digital transformation of the office from a "people perspective".

They discuss: