January 22 - 24, 2020 | New York, NY

Karen Cobb

Global Real Estate, Workplace, and Projects SAP


Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

11:00 AM The Purposeful Activity Based Workplace – Deconstructed

In this session, first we will look at the “guiding principles” of the activity based workplace and “key” pillar owners.

• Human Resources – Team management styles and flex work programs
• IT – Tools and solutions
• Facilities – Flexible work solutions. The 4 Cs. Concentration, collaboration, concentration and community.

While all employees have needs and benefits to all of the solutions….One size does not fit all though. Understanding Purpose and Behaviors – breaking down the purpose and behaviors of functional structures… then building a balanced functional solution that supports P&B of business units planned for. E.g. A Sales Business unit may have sub-structures such as Admin, Sales and service teams; their solution must support all these functional structures.

• Administrative
• Sales Organizations
• Development (R&D)
• Service Teams (Call Centers)

Key to success – Manager/Employee Engagement

• A shift from “my workspace” to “our workspace”.
• Foster an environment of trust and inclusion. Meeting the diversity needs of a large spectrum of employees
• Cultural shift from “working in person” to “working for impact”. Moving from an attendance and task based model to a results driven judgement of work performed and delivered.
• Freedom of when, where and how we work that fosters integration and balance of work and life.
• Recruiting and retention is improved through flexibility.

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