Mark Miller

Global Workplace Technology Strategist Cisco

Mark's passion and expertise centers around understanding the relationships between workspace design, workplace policies, technology and culture, and helping companies balance these elements in the creation of their next generation workplaces. His focus is not just on the physical workplace, but rather the intersection of the physical and digital work environments. He regularly engages with corporate executives, assisting them in the development and implementation of workplace strategies that drive new levels of innovation, productivity and employee engagement.

Increasingly, Mark is called upon to be a workplace evangelist, speaking at industry events, conferences and with leading companies on the role technology will play in the future workplace. Mark's technology background has seen him hold senior roles at companies including Nokia, Avaya and Cisco, where his work now centres around the transformation of the corporate workplace and the development of next-generation workplace strategies.


Friday, January 24th, 2020

11:00 AM A Cisco Story: The Workplace of the Future | It’s the Tech that makes Great Teams and it’s the Teams that make Great Tech

In his talk, Mark will outline the workplace redesign and types of technology Cisco introduced during its large-scale workplace transformation programme stretching 94 countries and close to 80,000 employees. With many teams being geographically dispersed, by focusing on what employees need and how they want to work, Cisco’s office redesign and the types of technology implemented has lead to 17% increase in employee and workplace satisfaction and a 15% increase in work/life balance. 

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