29 - 30 October 2019  | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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2nd Next-Gen Space and GIS Brochure

The 2nd Annual Next-Gen Space Middle East Conference from 29-30 October 2019 in Dubai, UAE will host government organisations, municipalities, oil and gas companies, power and utility operators in the Middle East to discuss the latest developments in space programmes from the Arab World. Downlo ...

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Sponsorship Prospectus: Next-Gen Space Tech

Governments and organisations in the Middle East are hungry for data as they forge ahead transforming into Smart Cities and digital powerhouses to diversify their economies beyond oil. Download the sponsorship prospectus for Next-Gen Space Tech to learn what opportunities await you in the space research and development sector.


Space Projects Timeline in theUAE

We have put together an infographic on the timeline of the space projects in the region to give you an idea of what future projects UAE is investing in. Download the infographic now.

Past Presentation

Small Satellites – Smart Cities

Download this presentation by Dr. Prashanth Marpu Khalifa University of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi, from our last year’s Next-Gen Space Technology event where he shares how small satellites are fulfilling the data needs of intelligent cities.