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Raconteurs IP Report

28 per cent of IP, cyber and risk professionals say their company has experienced a material IP incident over the past two years, so why aren’t companies prioritising and protecting IP from the get-go? Published in The Times, our intellectual Property special report:

  • Explores the pivotal steps throughout the product development cycle needed to protect your tangible and intangible assets
  • Examines the first patents to list an artificial intelligence as the the inventors
  • Features an infographic on the value of intangible assets in comparison to tangible assets

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Danielle Lewensohn Interview - Utilising Technology in your IP Strategy

The Nordic region is one of the most innovative, progressive and collaborative regions in the world - as such, the manner in which companies in the area leverage their technological advancements is vital.

Ahead of Nordic IPR's Conference, we talked to Danielle Lewensohn, Director IPR Management, RaySearch Laboratories, about the challenges and opportunities digitisation has brought to the IP sector.

Danielle guides us through the implications of IoT and connectivity from an IP perspective, patent analytics increasing opportunities across different industries and the valorisation of IP at boardroom level.