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10th Annual Nordic IPR 
9th-10th November - Copenhagen, Denmark

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Why attend at the Nordic IPR Summit?

  • The only Nordic specific IP event devoted specifically to the IP and patent challenges
  • Providing an active discussion on key pressing issue in the Nordics, such as IP & Business strategy or open innovation 
  • Help IP departments assess whether they have prepared effective and realistic patent management strategies to best utilise their innovations
  • Understand the changing nature of the international emerging market, including litigation and IP trends, and the effects this has on protection methods

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Nordic IPR Survey Report 2018 - 2019

Intellectual property now plays an increasingly important role in the world economy and has risen up to take its place on the agenda of many senior business leaders. Understanding how best to create, employ and control these assets is key to forming strategies that capitalise and maximise the value of a companies intellectual property.

With this in mind, prior to this year’s Nordic IPR event, Legal IQ surveyed a number of relevant individuals in the IP space about the key trends and challenges they are facing in their roles.

Exclusive Access: Open Standards and FRAND Licensing Presentation

At last year's conference, Peter Ericsson Nestler, Director, IPR Defensive Strategies, Ericsson presented on: 'Open Standards and FRAND Licensing'.

Access to presentations is usually restricted to attendees only, this presentation is available for a limited time only! 

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In this presentation, Ericsson covers topics such as:

  • Using Open Standards and FRAND Licensing everyone wins!
  • What are standards and FRAND?
  • The example of mobile communications as a success story

Raconteurs IP Report

28 per cent of IP, cyber and risk professionals say their company has experienced a material IP incident over the past two years, so why aren’t companies prioritising and protecting IP from the get-go? Published in The Times, our intellectual Property special report:

  • Explores the pivotal steps throughout the product development cycle needed to protect your tangible and intangible assets
  • Examines the first patents to list an artificial intelligence as the the inventors
  • Features an infographic on the value of intangible assets in comparison to tangible assets

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Danielle Lewensohn Interview - Utilising Technology in your IP Strategy

The Nordic region is one of the most innovative, progressive and collaborative regions in the world - as such, the manner in which companies in the area leverage their technological advancements is vital.

Ahead of Nordic IPR's Conference, we talked to Danielle Lewensohn, Director IPR Management, RaySearch Laboratories, about the challenges and opportunities digitisation has brought to the IP sector.

Danielle guides us through the implications of IoT and connectivity from an IP perspective, patent analytics increasing opportunities across different industries and the valorisation of IP at boardroom level.

Nordic Regional Map

Globally, the Nordic Region has continued to lead the way in the effective mobilisation of IPs, through effective strategizing and management along the entire portfolio lifecycle. However, the region now faces growing pressure to diversify their IPs, including accessing emerging markets, and developing effective multinational IP strategies. Ahead of the Nordic IPR Summit, Legal IQ has prepared a high level overview of the latest cases from the Nordic area which may effect your intellectual property. intellectual property.

Increasing the value of your IP Strategy

It is imperative for any company to align its IP strategy to drive the needs of the business. The Nordics has lead the way in this, implementing systems to monitor and plan each step along the IP lifecycle. Legal IQ sat down with the chairman of the Nordic IPR Summit, Stephan Wolke, thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH, to discuss how companies within the region can best drive up the value of their IP through effective planning and strategy.

Cooperation vs Competition in IPR

Ahead of the Nordic IPR 2018 event, Legal IQ spoke exclusively to Peter Ericsson Nestler, Director of IPR Defensive Strategies, Ericsson about why organisations are choosing to adopt more open development strategies, as well as the best mechanisms for cooperation around IPRs, and benefits and drawbacks of open innovation