09 - 10 November, 2020 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Maija Opmane, Senior Legal Counsel at If P&C Insurance
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Maija Opmane

Senior Legal Counsel
If P&C Insurance

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Conference Day 2

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

14:45 Cloud and Licensing Ecosystem: IPR Complexity from the Customer's Perspective

• Cloud regime and IPR on PAAS and SAAS
• Third party licenses deployed on the PAAS cloud: e.g. Microsoft Marker place and other third party
• IPR of software developed by the customer itself, using third proprietary and open source components
• What are the complexities due to long lasting licenses and various changes during their lifecycle (transfer,
increase and decrease, upgrading, change of license term etc.)?
• What challenges exist regarding a potential audit – possibility to track IPR, track licensing terms for various
components of one software, and how could these be resolved?
• Need for EU rules to ensure pragmatic approach and simplified approach on IPR in software and cloud