09 - 10 November, 2020 | Copenhagen, Denmark
Marianne Frydenlund, Legal Director at Nordic Semiconductor
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Marianne Frydenlund

Legal Director
Nordic Semiconductor

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Conference Day 1

Monday, April 4th, 2022

9:00 Component Level Licencing: IPR Challenges of an IoT Chip Manufacturer

• Standards – the intention behind standardisation – wide adoption and accessibility to all on FRAND terms
• Current practices in cellular licensing and how this is affecting SMEs from a legal standpoint (patent law,
competition law and contract law perspective) and from a practical standpoint (experience with customers)
• SEP-owners’ patents to a standard for radio access connectivity compared to the variety of applications and
use cases of end-devices. We will use practical examples to show how the current practice of only licensing
the end-product will be increasingly difficult
• Benefits of licensing on component level; economic, environmental and with regards to innovation

10:00 Panel: Essential Patent LIcense Availability and Royalty Valuation

In today’s interconnected ecosystems, products made by different companies must be able to work together.
Technology standards – particularly, those that underlie connectivity, enabling multiple devices to interoperate
and communicate with each other – have never been more important. The success of the Internet of
Things hinges on licensing of connectivity standard-essential patents (SEPs). Disruptive technologies such
as autonomous driving, industrial automation, smart energy systems, virtual and augmented reality and
many others depend on non-discriminatory access to SEP licenses and reasonable royalty rates. This panel
discussion will explore the importance of SEP license availability to all parties at fair rates.