Matt Bleasdale

Director Offshore Wind Logistics & Construction (OWLC)

Matt has 20 years of offshore industry experience across Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas and the subsea cables industries. His extensive planning, engineering and delivery experience, as well as the detailed understanding of the of the offshore wind business case, risks and sensitivities, have set him in good stead to deliver innovation within the market. His detailed understanding of the nature of the challenges that the offshore wind industry faces and the strategic solutions to those challenges (demonstrated in the offshore oil and gas industry) has informed the work that OWLC has done in developing innovation to optimise the offshore wind substructure manufacturing and installation system. 

Agenda Day 2

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

10:40 AM Gravity tripod: Testing results of a new concept

• Latest testing results of the gravity tripod
• Assessing seabed and installation risks
• Estimated cost reduction

2:10 PM PANEL DISCUSSION | How to minimize risks in installation campaigns

• Project management offshore foundations
• Development plans
• Contract regime: Uncertain time line: Difficulty for contractors to be “on” and “off”
• SS’s: Supply chain/ manufacturers/contractors/ experience and lessons learned from specific projects

Agenda Day 3

Thursday, February 27th, 2020

11:00 AM C Design concepts – design criteria – design standards

Foundations are one of critical components of OWTs not only because of the overall stability of the structure but also because of financial viability of the project. Foundation selection plays an important
role in the overall concept design for offshore wind farms as there are large financial implications attached to the choices made. Typically, foundation costs 25 to 34% of the overall costs.
• Design considerations
• Assessing seabed and installation risks
• Challenge: standards
• Estimated cost reduction

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