Download the Conference Agenda 2019!

Download the Conference Agenda 2019!

Why should you attend this year?

  • Discuss about the risks in project execution and how to minimize risks for all parties involved
  • Discover the latest solutions your peers finding for minimizing wind power substations
  • Get an update on the technology of components and electrical design
  • Learn about the challenges for wind power substations faced with larger wind parks: hear about large scale offshore grid connections
  • Hear about cost-effective maintenance strategies
  • Build a solid understanding of new technologies like floating substations – their challenges and opportunities
Expert Interview with RTE France

Expert Interview with RTE France

As the improvements on OSS seem to be a reason for the delay or even limit standardization, Energy IQ talked exclusively to RTE France’ Substation Project Manager, Daniele Bortugno about the OTM technology and company`s vision on the French market.

Get a deeper knowledge on this topic by downloading the full RTE interview here: