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Five Companies Leading in Payments Innovation

This article explores 5 examples of organisations that are revolutionising their payments models to provide a seamless customer experience and remain relevant in an increasingly changing landscape. 

From transactional to magical: how Uber has redefined the payments experience through the customer-lens

In this case study, Matt Wegner, Global Head of Partner Payments at Uber Technologies (USA) explores how banks and financial services institutions can successfully leverage new technologies and implement payments strategies that are in line with customer needs.

How Australia Post is using omni-channel solutions to create a unique e-commerce experience

In this Q&A, Deanne Keetelar, General Manager of Payments and Financial Services at Australia Post provides a glimpse into how Australia Post is developing seamless end-to-end e-commerce experiences in-store and online and the strategies they are using to optimise the consumer experience through providing payment choices to suit all consumer needs.