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Five Companies Leading in Payments Innovation

This article explores 5 examples of organisations that are revolutionising their payments models to provide a seamless customer experience and remain relevant in an increasingly changing landscape. 

From transactional to magical: how Uber has redefined the payments experience through the customer-lens

In this case study, Matt Wegner, Global Head of Partner Payments at Uber Technologies (USA) explores how banks and financial services institutions can successfully leverage new technologies and implement payments strategies that are in line with customer needs.

How Australia Post is using omni-channel solutions to create a unique e-commerce experience

In this Q&A, Deanne Keetelar, General Manager of Payments and Financial Services at Australia Post provides a glimpse into how Australia Post is developing seamless end-to-end e-commerce experiences in-store and online and the strategies they are using to optimise the consumer experience through providing payment choices to suit all consumer needs.

NPP Report: Real Time Payments 2.0 The next generation of real time payments: An international scan

Within the last five to ten years, around the globe instant or real time payments (RTP) have gathered significant momentum. While RTP has been around for over 40 years in various guises, there has been a vast increase in the number of countries and regions implementing it in recent years. There have been many drivers for this increase in adoption: regulatory mandate or regulatory pressure e.g. the European Union; a collective industry decision to innovate e.g. the US; or an upgrade in domestic Automated Clearing Systems that expose the need to develop further payment capabilities.

Ahead of the Payments Innovation Summit 2019 grab a copy of this paper which explores key trends in the global real time payments market, presenting both the opportunities and challenges that may be relevant for the Australian market.

Building Real-Time Payments and API Capability: Enhancing Customer KPIs through Seamless Payment Experiences

Ahead of Payments Innovation 2019, we caught up with Gerard Creamer, Head of Payments at Trade Me to take us through the organisation’s payments journey, and the success the realised benefits along the way.