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A Summary of the Digital Payments Market in Asia

Who are the big players in the digital payments market in Asia? How close are we to a cashless society? Where do the countries in Asia rank for smartphone penetration?

Download the infograph to find out more. 

Going Cashless - Why Fave entered the mobile payment market and launched FavePay

“We have a strong proposition for customers to use. It’s easy and convenient” 

explains AP, MD of Fave Singapore and FavePay.

After acquiring the Groupon business, Fave moved into the mobile payments market initially to solve a problem. What they discovered was a market rich with opportunity. “Our big vision is to make cash redundant.” See why going cashless is the next big thing and explore the why, how and what next of FavePay’s digital payments journey. 

Riding the Payments Innovation Wave

There’s a revolution happening in the digital payments arena. Across the world, innovators and tech providers continue to discover and deliver advanced, real-time payment platforms that give consumers the immediacy, functionality and convenience that they crave. We’ve put together a report that explores the Asian context. Download the report to read more.