Optimising Terminal Productivity: Best Practices in Maximising Productivity and Operational Control

In this presentation, Andy Lane, Partner at CTI Consultancy, lists the variety of potential terminal industry value pools and provides an improvement roadmap for terminals in Southeast Asia.

The Impact of Shipping Line Developments on Ports and Terminals in Southeast Asia

In this presentation, Jason Chiang, Director of Ocean Shipping Consultants at Royal Haskoning Group, outlines the major trends affecting ports and terminals including: new shipping alliances, increasing vessel size and the conflicting interests of stakeholders at container ports.

Efficient Greenfield Masterplanning to Ensure Commercial Strength

In this presentation, Mark Yong, Director at BMT Asia Pacific analyses Indonesia’s economic growth and rapid port development. The slides also take a close look at Kijing Deepwater Port in West Kalimantan, to examine the economic opportunities, general conditions and possible port layout combinations.