2018 Speakers
March 26 - 28, 2018
Hyatt Regency O’Hare

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Advanced Solutions to Ensure Protection and Survivability

Welcome to the 5th Annual Power Grid Resilience Summit!

The reliability of the U.S. electric power grid, as an underlying enabler for other critical infrastructure sectors (such as emergency services, communications, transportation, and others), is uniquely essential to protect.

In today's modern world, the power grid serves as the backbone of the United States critical infrastructure sector.  The Utilities responsible for this tremendous responsibility have to constantly adapt to new and emerging challenges, many of which were never imagined during the creation of the current power grid.  

It is financially impractical to pursue every solution simultaneously.  Rather, grid owners and operators need identify new technologies and their potential impact on the safety and resiliency of the power grid quickly.   This event will help identify key challenges and opportunities, as well as showcasing new technologies that will assist in the creation of a more secure grid.

We begin the three day program with an in-depth Tech Accelerator Workshop Day, where we will look at specific next-generation technologies and research that can inform security decisions today. Over the two days of the main conference, we will hear from utility security executives, government regulators, thought leaders, and academics to address challenges and growth areas to building Power Grid Resilience.

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