Danger! Virus Discovered That Targets America's Electrical Grid

Two security firms, ESET and Dragos, released reports about the discovery of a virus that aims to damage equipment on any nation’s electric grid. The virus is called Industroyer, also known as “Crash Override,” and targets computers that control electrical substations and circuit breakers.

Electricity Delivery Is An Open Target For Cyber Threats

The electric grid often utilizes industrial control systems to automate generation, transmission and distribution. As utilities adopt digital technologies to keep up with electricity demand and consumption, cyber attack vulnerabilities increase and new entry points emerge.

OT-IT Convergence: Is it Really Inevitable?

One of the liveliest topics of discussion considers the widespread segregation of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) departments, and the prospects for convergence. Traditional management of both sides are now appearing to be outdated, as IT is no longer restricted to back-office business and OT is no longer living in a bubble of SCADA and distribution management systems. The velocity of change in the technological environment has been pushing the two ‘sides’ together, and most importantly, the threats emerging in the cyber security space are forcing them to collaborate with increasing urgency.

Energizing Security: Germany and Austria Building Critical Cyber Defenses

The discussion surrounding information security in Europe continues to intensify as the pending introductions of new regulations collides with a time of heightened security. For businesses involved in critical national infrastructure (CNI), demand for the discussion has never been more urgent. Not only is the number of attacks increasing on CNI systems, but the sophistication of these attacks continues- in many cases- to outpace the provisions for countermeasure. In a world where disruption of IT systems can have a huge impact on the economy, these systems have become seen as a prime target for those trying to create political havoc.

Hybrid Security-Lighting Systems for Critical Infrastructure Protection

This article, courtesy of Senstar, discusses the many benefits of using hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and lighting solutions to protect critical assets.

Having both lighting and intrusion detection systems working in parallel is a great security duo. But, what if perimeter intrusion detection was built-in to the lighting system and could be used to control it – deterring would-be intruders by eliminating the cover of darkness while detecting and locating those that aren’t deterred? A hybrid intrusion detection/lighting system means only one system to install, maintain and manage, considerably saving time, reducing complexity, and lowering costs. It also means more control over operation, enabling the lighting to react to the site's current security status. To learn more, download this infomative article.