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Key Topics to Be ExploredSimplifying risk and governance language to build engagement and understanding across the whole of the organisationBuilding security awareness for staff to help create a comprehensive risk management approach to cyber and data governanceI ...

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Strategies Three Australian Government Organisations are Harnessing to Mitigate Risk and Encourage Effective Governance

Ahead of the Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk Summit 2019 (PSCGR) we chat to the Governance Institute of Australia to explore some of the biggest challenges Australia is facing in regards to PSCGR. We then look at three Australian ca ...

Managing Risk in Government: What the ISO 31000 Review Means for You and Your Organisation

Damage to reputation or brand, cyber crime, political risk and terrorism are some of the risks that private and public organisations of all types and sizes around the world must face with increasing frequency, which is why last year the International Organi ...

Your Business Case to Attend the Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk Summit 2019

Your Business Case to Attend the Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk Summit 2019

The 5 Best Corporate Governance & Risk Management Strategies and how they Benefit Your Public Sector Organisation

Ahead of the Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk Summit 2019 (PSCGR) we take a look at the five best corporate governance and risk management strategies Australian government organisations are harnessing, and explore the benefits of each stra ...


A Good Practice Guide to Managing Culture in Governance – Tone from the Top

In this presentation from the Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk Summit 2018 Stephen Horne, National Chair of the Public Sector Governance Committee Governance Institute of Australia explores: Why culture determines what actually happens in an organisation – Looking at the key to getting the resultsCreating an ethical framework to...

Engaging in a Risk Conversation at Western Sydney University to build a Proactive Risk Culture

In this presentation from Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk 2018 Aman Chand, Director Audit and Risk, Western Sydney University explores;How to encourage the openness of risk talk to develop a risk culture that understands your organisations appetite and toleranceUnderstanding the challenges faced when having conversations about Risk and strategies...

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How evolving data privacy regulations can affect you

Read this article to discover the challenges and strategies of complying with data privacy regulation 

Opt in or Opt Out?

In this article we shine a spotlight on the impact of data privacy regulations on globalisation as well as expert advice on aligning people, process and technology to focus on the various disciplines – from data governance to security.

The Rapid Rise Of Regulatory-Compliance Enhancing Tech: Judging The Impact of New Tech On Compliance

This article looks at technological tools that have been successfully utilised to make regulatory compliance significantly easiaer and less costly. 

‘No Security Through Obscurity’: The Link Between Privacy & Visibility

Privacy versus security: it’s a longstanding issue enterprises have been pitted against, made more visible by data privacy measures such as GDPR. Here's what enterprises should know.