A Good Practice Guide to Managing Culture in Governance – Tone from the Top

In this presentation from the Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk Summit 2018 Stephen Horne, National Chair of the Public Sector Governance Committee Governance Institute of Australia explores: 

  • Why culture determines what actually happens in an organisation – Looking at the key to getting the results
  • Creating an ethical framework to guide decisions on better performance, behaviours and how an organisation should conduct itself
  • The role of governance and risk leaders in successfully applying and implementing a guide and model through engaging your staff and creating tone from the top

Engaging in a Risk Conversation at Western Sydney University to build a Proactive Risk Culture

In this presentation from Public Sector Corporate Governance and Risk 2018 Aman Chand, Director Audit and Risk, Western Sydney University explores;

  • How to encourage the openness of risk talk to develop a risk culture that understands your organisations appetite and tolerance
  • Understanding the challenges faced when having conversations about Risk and strategies to overcome them
  • How to shift the negative mindset about risk to a positive one giving the opportunity to support growth and drive innovation
  • Simplifying risk language thereby engaging the board and executive members to make relevant valuable decisions