09 - 10 April, 2019 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

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Research Facilities Design and Development 2019 - View Final Program

Welcome to the 5th Annual Research Facilities Design and Development Summit 2019!This years event aims to:-    Address innovation regarding the best designs for research facilities -    Analyse construction strategies to boost operational efficacy-    Review th ...

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How Three Australian Universities are are Creating Flexible Research Facilities to Encourage Research Innovation and Aid Collaboration

Ahead of the Research Facilities Design and Development Summit 2019 we take a look at how three Victorian Universities are creating flexible, operationally efficient research facilities that serve to engage researchers, industry and end-users. 

Research Facilities Design & Development Presentation Packet

Ahead of Research Facilities Design & Development 2019 we take a look at some of the 2018 event's most informative and highly rated speaker presentations. Download the exclusive presentation packet to learn more about innovative research facility design, how modern facilities ar ...

Attracting World Class Researchers with World Class Research Facilities

Ahead of the Research Facilities Design and Development Summit 2019 we chat to James Grose, CEO at BVN Architects, who provided full architectural services on the CSIRO's $110m Synergy project, a brand new world-class research facility in the ACT. James shares with us the big ...

The Biggest Trends in Research Facility Design: How Modern Ways of Working and Cutting Edge Design are Promoting World-Class Research Outcomes

Ahead of the Research Facilities Design and Development Summit 2019 we take a look at the biggest trends in research facility design and development and explore where the future is heading for research precincts in an era of technological advancement ...

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5 ways to design and develop a world-class research facility

In this article, influencers from La Trobe University, Woods Bago, Southern Cross University, The University of Adelaide and the German Max Planck Institute share 5 strategies they are each using in their own research facility projects to ensure project success.

7 leading examples of best practice in research facility design and development

In this article, Higher Ed IQ has compiled 7 leading examples of best practice in Research Facility Design and Development across Australia and the world.

Past Presentations

The Design, Philosophy and Operations of a World-Class Imaging Infrastructure

Developing the best strategies to reduce duplication, maximise utilisation and optimise functionalityThe Philosophy: Why you need a whole ecosystem and not just the people who run the equipment to ensure the highest quality of research facilitiesEstablishing better practice for data management is criticalEvaluating the national collaborative research infrastructures’ successes and...

Repurposing a Former Military Base to a Modern Marine Science Facility

Development of SIMSStrategiesFacilitiesSIMS as both a facility and an intellectual hubManaging multi-university partnershipsFuture development

The Greenest In The World: Designing, Building & Occupying the Sir Samuel Griffith building

Where did this concept derive from?How green is the solar power, hydrogen power, water harvesting and construction materials?Traditional labs were not designed to be green- assessing suitability vs standards requirements from each disciplinesEvaluating the cost saving by going green; is It really working?

How to Manage a Cross-Disciplinary Research Space to Accelerate Speed of Research and Efficiency

Designing and developing open lab arrangements to accommodate for the different principle investigatorsEvaluating the benefits of how this collaborative nature will support the evolving studies of its occupants over decades.Exploring and benchmarking their new purpose built building against the existingReviewing the challenges and consequences of a not carefully thought-out space

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