Past Presentations

The Design, Philosophy and Operations of a World-Class Imaging Infrastructure

  • Developing the best strategies to reduce duplication, maximise utilisation and optimise functionality
  • The Philosophy: Why you need a whole ecosystem and not just the people who run the equipment to ensure the highest quality of research facilities
  • Establishing better practice for data management is critical
  • Evaluating the national collaborative research infrastructures’ successes and challenges

Repurposing a Former Military Base to a Modern Marine Science Facility

  • Development of SIMS
  • Strategies
  • Facilities
  • SIMS as both a facility and an intellectual hub
  • Managing multi-university partnerships
  • Future development

The Greenest In The World: Designing, Building & Occupying the Sir Samuel Griffith building

  • Where did this concept derive from?
  • How green is the solar power, hydrogen power, water harvesting and construction materials?
  • Traditional labs were not designed to be green- assessing suitability vs standards requirements from each disciplines
  • Evaluating the cost saving by going green; is It really working?

How to Manage a Cross-Disciplinary Research Space to Accelerate Speed of Research and Efficiency

  • Designing and developing open lab arrangements to accommodate for the different principle investigators
  • Evaluating the benefits of how this collaborative nature will support the evolving studies of its occupants over decades.
  • Exploring and benchmarking their new purpose built building against the existing
  • Reviewing the challenges and consequences of a not carefully thought-out space