Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 21 October 2020

9:00 am - 9:30 am Coffee And Registration


Mike Wassell

Head of Operational Technology Services
Sydney Water

9:40 am - 10:20 am Understanding How TransGrid Balances Regulatory Compliance with SCADA Data Security to Ensure Business Imperatives Are Optimized.

Garry Bentlin - Chief Information Security Officer, TransGrid
TransGrid comprises of 100 bulk supply substations and more than 13,000 km of high voltage transmission lines and cables, providing strong electricity systems to enable energy trading between QLD, NSW, ACT & VIC. With this in mind, it is imperative to the company’s productivity, that security of the network and its data is a high priority. With many companies moving towards an IoT integration environment, TransGrid is sticking with traditional SCADA system operations in order to protect its assets, by balancing regulation.

  • Ensuring safety and security of the SCADA network to maintain liability and compliance with regulation. 
  • Identifying what technology will integrate with legacy system and improve security and incident management. 
  • Engaging with government stakeholder and ensuring that business imperatives are prioritized and emphasized to all stakeholders.

Garry Bentlin

Chief Information Security Officer

10:20 am - 10:50 am CASE STUDY: Re-Designing s HMI System by Creating a System That Prioritises Importance, In Order to Remove Human Error and Simplify Operational Actions.

Traditional HMIs often complicate matter by presenting too much information without context, leaving operators to interpret what is most important at that time. Situational Awareness presents the user with highly contextualized and easily interpreted information that is specific to the most important process issues..

  • Re-Designing digital graphics of the SCADA system, removing unnecessary graphics, which create confusion, and over complication. 
  • Adopting situational awareness into the new HMI design in order to simplify visuals and erase incident management flaws. 
  • Creating a HMI design that flags issues of importance and caters to the needs of the operator, whilst also moving away from Explorer in order to create a portable HMI system.

10:50 am - 11:20 am Morning Tea

11:20 am - 11:50 am Investing in Upskilling and Training for SCADA Engineers, Managers and Operators, to Prepare Them for Future SCADA Innovation.

Tim Harback - Electrical and SCADA Manager, TAS WATER
TAS Water has over $2 billion in assets, including 6,385km of water mains, 4764km of sewer mains and over 200,000 water connections across the state. This requires a smooth operating SCADA system that can communicate data across the network and assist operators with maintenance and productivity information. This session will focus on how TAS Water is engaging in training to upskill SCADA operators across business units, in the future of SCADA, solution upgrades, software updates, in order to enhance business efficiencies and create an adaptable operating environment. 

  • Understanding the future of SCADA, particularly in regards to 4th Generation, IoT, Cloud-Based SCADA software. 
  • Developing robust training frameworks that will upskill SCADA operators, IT and Engineers on future use of SCADA within the company. 
  • Optimizing productivity by transforming internal culture to adopt cross-functional understandings of each business unit and department. 

Tim Harback

Electrical and SCADA Manager

11:50 am - 12:30 pm PANEL: Implementing IEC61850 Into Your Organisation and Utilising Security Regulation to Leverage Better Productivity and Performance

Garry Bentlin - Chief Information Security Officer, TransGrid
Chris Fischer - Senior Process Control Engineer, Fortescue Metal Group Limited.
Paul Wator - Principal SCADA Engineer, SA Power Network
IEC61850 is an international standard defining communication protocols for intelligent electronic devices at electrical substations. The IEC61850 standard features protocols for data modelling, data storing, and security, among other communication measures. This panel will discuss how they have implemented and adapted IEC61850 into their companies and the how they overcame initial challenges related to implementing new policy.



Garry Bentlin

Chief Information Security Officer


Chris Fischer

Senior Process Control Engineer
Fortescue Metal Group Limited.


Paul Wator

Principal SCADA Engineer
SA Power Network

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm CASE STUDY: Implementing Efficient Alarm Face Systems In Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal’s SCADA network To Ensure Operational Safety and Maintenance.

Allan Doherty - Senior Control Systems Engineer, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
As a key player in the global coal exports market, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal invested $2 million to update their alarming system to enhance their security system and provide insights into equipment malfunctions and process deviation. With stacking machines that transfer coal from conveyors at a rate of 7,500 tonnes per hour, it is imperative for the terminal to have updated security and alarming systems that flag operational risks and equipment errors. Allan Doherty will discuss the strategic process of implementing and investing in a new alarm system and how this improved operational maintenance and safety on site. 

  • Understanding the importance of upgrading alarming systems and improving incident management frameworks.
  • Complying with ISA101.1 and ISA18.2 standards to improve interface security. 
  • Developing a security framework that can adapt to the future of SCADA upgrades and technology advancement.

Allan Doherty

Senior Control Systems Engineer
Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch Break

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Optimizing Your SCADA and Security System to Ensure Optimal Performance and Protection of SCADA Data and Communication Channels.

  • Implementing strategies to allow the legacy systems the capacity to adapt to next generation SCADA technology. 
  • Exploring the need to upgrade and rebuild SCADA systems, in order to prevent breaches and pre-empt future security risks. 
  • Identifying strategies that will incorporate machine learning and AI that will alert operators to breaches and risks throughout the system, and establishing risk management strategies accordingly. 

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Combatting and Preparing for Cyber Security Challenges in a Changing IT/OT Integrated Environment

Nikhil Manghirmalani - Team Leader – Maintenance Management Operational Technology/SCADA, Water Corporation
The separation of IT and OT creates security challenges for Industrial Control Systems and SCADA networks. In 2019, Water Corporation WA supplied 367 billion litres of water to over 1.3 million homes. This large operational environment has prompted the company to undergo an IT/OT infrastructure separation project, while at the same time converging the overall management architecture. This session will focus on the risks posed with integrating and not integrating IT and OT environments. 

  • Understanding the underlying cyber security framework that will protect IT/OT integration. 
  • Developing a framework that enforces on-going assessments and real-time threat mitigation to SCADA systems. 
  • Assessing the management and lifecycle of OT and IT assets.

Nikhil Manghirmalani

Team Leader – Maintenance Management Operational Technology/SCADA
Water Corporation

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Afternoon Tea

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Understand How SA Waters Utilised Innovative Security Technology to Acknowledge A Growing Trend In SCADA Communication Protection.

What once started as simply transmitting telemetry data, to becoming the primary wired and wireless communication method for transmitting service management commands, SCADA communication has evolved with the advancements in modern technology. Now, SCADA networks have become a high value target for cyber-attacks and it is important for companies to ensure protection of these systems. This session will highlight SA Water’s protection techniques and how they have built protocol and response systems that protect the 27,000 km of water mains that they own and operate across the state. 

  • Understand what technologies are in the market that can assist with securing a SCADA network from potential cyber-attacks. 
  • Addressing a move from warnings and alarms to automated protection of SCADA networks. 
  • Examining how SA Waters built their security response measures into their operational frameworks to ensure SCADA systems are protected from threats. 

4:00 pm - 4:00 pm End of Conference