Capitalising on Emerging Market Opportunities for Small Satellite Investments in Asia

Aided by advancements in the miniaturization of electronics, the small satellites segment of the space industry has witnessed tremendous growth rates in recent years with more than 500 projects launched between the years 2015 to 2019.

With faster deployment times and reduced investments costs, small satellites are increasingly gaining an edge over large satellites for applications that do not require high-end satellite capabilities such as big data monetisation, earth imaging, asset tracking and more.

Join us at our inaugural Smallsat Development & Commercialisation Asia Summit 2018 this December as we bring you an A-Z guide on ensuring smallsat project success covering the key aspects of making a business case, securing funding, feasible commercial applications, critical launch infrastructure, operating models and many more.

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Key Themes

Delve into smallsat space law and policies with regional government stakeholders

Evaluate smallsat market opportunities and feasible commercial applications in Asia

Structure sustainable smallsat project economics and business models

Develop effective industry partnerships to enhance the growth of Asia’s smallsat industry

Build launch infrastructure and capability for successful smallsat constellation missions

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Why Attend?

Hear from regional governments on their initiatives to drive the growth of Asia’s smallsat industry

Explore Asia’s emerging smallsat investment opportunities in a data-driven economy

Learn from global experts on how to design, build and launch cost-effective smallsat constellations

Achieve successful smallsat missions with the right infrastructure investments, integration and effective partnerships

Map out effective smallsat project management strategies to ensure mission success

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