11 - 12 December, 2018
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

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View Agenda - Smallsat Development and Commercialisation Asia Summit 2018

Increasing market penetration of small satellites, advancements in small satellite structure, and rise in the requirement of low cost launching sites for small launch vehicles are the major factors which are expected to create lucrative opportunities for the market in the next five years.  ...

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Infographic - Why small satellites are the future

What is the hype surrounding small satellites? How much has currently been invested in them? What are the key differences between GEO and LEO? The global small satellites market is expected to reach $10.10 billion by 2021. It’s a market that is expected to grow as commercial satellite demand increases...

Why small satellites are the smartphones of the skies

This ebook explores this new age of commercialisation and what role small satellites play. Discover:Why we are at a tipping point in space democratisation How small satellites are so valuable for commercialisation Why cost and frequency to launch may be issues of the past

Small Satellites - A Guide to Development and Investment

Modern Small Satellites are changing the economics of space and creating new business opportunities all around the world. Beyond space exploration, many organisations are leveraging data from small satellites to improve telecommunication infrastructure, increase  surveillance, predict the weather, and more. This article gives you a quick A-Z guide why you...