16 - 19 March, 2020 | Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, Singapore

Pre-Conference Workshops

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Customer-Centric Grid Design Workshop | Empowering Consumer Participation in Making Informed Electricity Consumption Choices

Sujay Kumar Saha - Head - Demand Side Management, Home & Industry Automation, TATA Power
Not only is the demand for electricity rising, current and future customers’ electricity needs are getting increasingly complex. How can we make power grids more flexible to balance power demand and supply? The key lies at the heart of customer-centricity. Varying power supply through demand-management strategies and managing the efficiency of customers’ energy usage can overcome the major challenge of bridging the demand-supply gap and serve customers better. Find out how you can match the grid to your customers through:
·         Creating a long-term technology plan to differentiate services based on customers’ growing needs
·         Building an integrated approach to improve distributed energy resources planning
·         Bringing together customer demands, grid operations, asset management, and workforce operations

Sujay Kumar Saha

Head - Demand Side Management, Home & Industry Automation
TATA Power

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Distributed Energy Resources Workshop | Developing Practical Strategies to Incorporate DER into Power Grids

Our increasingly interconnected world means that energy resources are more distributed than ever. With a wide variety of DER at our disposal, how can we incorporate the influx of DER into the electricity system? What are the key considerations involved in connecting DER to to transmission and distribution grid projects? Find out how you can optimize DER value and expand the possibilities of a flexible energy system through effective DER integration and operation.
  • Understanding drivers and barriers in adoption of smart grid and DER technologies
  • Defining the roadmap to building a resilient and sustainable DER-inclusive grid ecosystem
  • Advancing grid management to transform distribution grids into flexible platforms