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How Stadiums Should Be Connecting With Fans in the 21st Century

In the digital age, Stadiums need to think smart about how best to maximise their potential and increase fan engagement. To enable you to navigate these challenges we spoke with Henk Markerink, CEO Johan Cruijff ArenA, Amsterdam about how the main stadium in the Dutch capital goes about providing an exceptional customer experience and connects with their audiences.

How to Make a Stadium Profitable

To improve the stadium, investors need to minimise the inconveniences people associate with visiting one, while adding rich experiences they can’t get from watching a TV.

But that’s not all. Stadiums need to reinvent themselves to maximise profitability and sustainable growth. They need to be versatile for differing events while adopting new technologies. In this ebook we explore how stadiums become profitable. 

Download E-Book: The Rise Of Smart Stadiums

How do you convince audiences to leave the comfort of their home entertainment systems to battle with the masses at stadiums, to fight for a parking spot, to spend time in long queues? The rise of smart stadiums could counter this challenge facing the modern sports arena. Tech is at the forefront of minds when designing new stadiums. In this report we examine:

·         How smart stadiums will improve the customer experience

·         The infrastructure necessary to create the stadium of the future

·         What plans Qatar World Cup Stadiums are working on for the 2022 FIFA World Cup 

5 ELEMENTS OF A MODERN STADIUM: Interview with Arup’s Associate Director – Chris Dite

Modern stadium designs often manage to forge a building with a unique aesthetic while at the same time satisfying a wide range of practical considerations to achieve optimal safety and capacity levels. In this article,Chris Dite, Associate Director at Arup, discusses his recent experiences with stadium design projects as well as his overarching views on the evolution of the concept of the modern stadium. He focuses not only on the technical design of modern stadia, but also the fan experience and how technology contributes to the long-term relevance of a structure.

Managing Stadium Redevelopment On Time And On Budget

Undertaking a redevelopment of a stadium is a major task, and without proper management, cost and budget estimates may spiral upwards with additional fees, requirements and unexpected costs.

In this article, we examine some key considerations for stadium operators, in keeping costs low, while not compromising on the quality of the stadium experience. 

Next-gen stadiums: What it takes to deliver tournaments of the future

As stadium operators compete with home entertainment and spectator options, they are required to invest more heavily in creating an unforgettable fan experience which cannot be replicated at home. Download our report into the areas of emerging technologies that will revolutionise the way next-generation stadia will look and feel, including: stadium connectivity and fan-focused applications, automatic ticketing, seating innovations, modular infrastructure, advanced security solutions, HVAC technologies and pitch maintenance solutions.