Leveraging On Technology To Improve Stadium Security And Fan Engagement

Stadiums are a major focal point of any community or city and usually attract millions of visitors each year. As such, stadium and fan security cannot be taken lightly, especially as these security threats can come in various forms and any lapse from any of the various stakeholders could cause a major catastrophe that can result in the loss of life and millions in property damages.

In this article, we look at the challenges facing stadium operators in finding a balance between improving fan security while maintaining a good fan experience.

Maintaining legacy: 3 stadiums that were left in the dust with no legacy plan

Failed legacy programmes can lead to rampant operational losses, ongoing city debt and inefficiencies of adhoc facility usage for the host country. Download this exclusive whitepaper on 'Maintaining Legacy' which highlights some of the most renowned stadiums in the world that were left deserted and the key reasons behind their failure.

Designing for social and commercial sustainability

In this presentation, Chris Dite, Associate Director, Sports Venue Design at Arup explores:

  • Designing socially and commercial sustainable venues
  • Global stadium design best practice
  • Stadium impact in regards to broader community and population

How To Drive Fan Web Engagement

BAS SCHNATER works for Dutch Premier League club AZ Alkmaar where he oversees fan engagement and database marketing. We sit down with him to discuss top tips on how they are driving fan engagement.

How to Strike the Right Balance for Effective Stadium Commercialisation

Stadiums as well as the sports industry need to be careful when striking the balance between effective commercialisation and over-doing it. A couple of years back Mark Perryman wrote in the UK newspaper The Guardian about the how the latest TV rights deal between Sky/BT and the Premier League worked out at £10m a game and that “the relentless commercialisation of the Premier League has destroyed the values that made it attractive to investors in the first place – and done nothing for sport.” How far is too far for sport commercialisation? How do you achieve recurring revenue but also maintain the focus on what the fans want – the sports.