Student Accommodation Summit 2019

Embedding a Long-Term, Strategic Approach for Your Student Accommodation to Ensure Global Competitiveness

Student Accommodation has become one of the fastest growing sectors for commercial real estate, with education overall contributing $32.2 billion to the Australian economy.

Attracting a growing percentage of international students, Australia’s major universities remain a destination for overseas students, with Victoria accounting for approximately 36% of all enrollments. 

Student accommodation providers have begun to notice the need to develop innovative solutions and strategies to meet supply and demand. Incorporating student accommodation into a campus master plan is one way to do this, as well as learning strategies to future-proof these residencies. 

Returning in 2019 on the 26-27 March, the 2nd Annual Student Accommodation Summit will gather 15+ Speakers who will delve into the new strategies student accommodation providers are implementing to cater to the growing demands of interstate and international students.

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Key Topics:

How to design facilities to maintain global competitiveness by creating advanced and tech-driven structures, as well as retrofitting existing ones

How universities can work collaboratively with all stakeholders to keep up with supply and demand

Building shared rooms and facilities to control the affordability of student accommodation

Developing a living space that accommodates both lifestyle and education to attract existing and future students

On and Off-Campus Accommodation: Exploring the limitations, barriers and importance of collaboration with various stakeholders 

Featured Case Studies

Stanford University: Integrating Student Accommodation into their Campus Master Plan

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: The Future of Graduate Student Housing

Warren and Mahoney: Student Living - Creating Integrated Living Spaces for Student Accommodation

Improving Your University’s Business Planning Structure: The University of Melbourne’s 2020 Plan to Address Supply and Demand Challenges

University of New South Wales: Analysing the Commercial Strategy and Expectations of Your Student Accommodation

Who Will You Meet?

  • Directors, Heads of, Managers:
  •  Student Accommodation
  •  Residential Services
  •  Facilities Management
  •  Urban Planning
  •  Economic Development
  •  Infrastructure
  • From the following industries:
  •  Universities & Colleges
  •  Accommodation Developers
  •  Architectural Firms
  •  Construction & Engineering
  •  State Government
  •  Local Government
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