26 - 27 March, 2019 | Royce Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Meet the Speakers


Cathy Deino Blake
Director of Campus Planning and Design
Stanford University
Tasha N. Coppett
Assistant Director of Off-Campus and Graduate Housing
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paulin Straughan
Dean of Students
Singapore Management University
Ron de Haan
Director of Student Accommodation
University of New South Wales
Scott Walker
Deputy Registrar of Accommodation Services
Australian National University
Vickie Banks
Student Accommodation Program Lead
University of Melbourne
Jorge Contreras Garcia
Project Officer of Student Engagement
University of Adelaide
Sonia Barker
Campus Development Manager
University of Canterbury
Meredith Parry
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice President of Operations
Charles Darwin University
Andrew Cameron
Chief Executive Officer
University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association
Mick Serena
Managing Director
SAFM Solutions
Michael Lynch
General Manager
Campus Living Villages
Tim Glass
Operations Manager
The Student Housing Company
Trevor Hamilton
Nettleton Tribe
Shannon Joe
Principal and Director
Warren and Mahoney
Yee Jien
Senior Associate
John Wardle Architects
Tim Crawshaw
Practise Director
BVN Architecture