Caleb Nicolson

GM Group Supply Chain, Australia, NZ & UK Kathmandu

Supply Chain Executive and Change Leader. I have led and developed teams and managed operations/partners in multiple counties including Australia, UK, China and New Zealand.

My core professional competencies include: General Management | Strategic Planning | Programme | Project Management | Change Management | Business Process Change | Supply Chain Network Design | Major Distribution Infrastructure Development | Logistics Operations | Global Supply Chain management, including China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand |Complex system implementations | Inventory Management | Procurement and tender management.

I have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Business Studies with majors in Accounting and IT.

Exchange Day One: Tuesday, 8th September 2020

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

8:30 AM KEYNOTE: How Kathmandu is leveraging automation to support business growth and drive efficiency

Warehouse and DC automation is a challenging task, and the complexity of supply chain adds another layer of difficulty to it. In this session, Caleb we will share Kathmandu’s automation journey:

·         An overview on Kathmandu’s current automation systems – and the plan moving forward
·         Using automation as an enabler for greater visibility, traceability and responsiveness
·         Increasing savings by eliminating double tasks
·         Preparing teams and stakeholders for transformation and automation

11:40 AM BrainWeave: Ethics, sustainability and the modern day slavery act

From responding to investor demands for transparency to vying for consumer allegiances, sustainable practice plays a central role in contemporary supply chains.

  • Why whole-of-life management is no longer an option – what it means to your business and how to adapt
  • Will circular economy become the new norm in a changing customer demand environment?
  • The importance of supply chain transparency to stay relevant and competitive in business
  • How to improve visibility and traceability across global markets in a volatile and politically changing landscape