Discussing the Importance of the Supply Chain Industry with Sami Nazar

Following on from our introduction of this years’ chair Michael Berger, we want to continue to introduce you to the supply chain professionals who have helped to ensure that is event is tailored to you. This week we spoke with Sami Nazar, the current Category Manager for International Transportation at Decathlon. Sami shares with us an insight into his successful career as well as his thoughts on this years’ event and what you can expect to learn from the line up of speakers this year.

Could you tell us about yourself and your career in the supply chain industry?

“I have quite a varied career but have a strong track record in strategic positions in marketing, industrial procurement and also the supply chain industry. All of this began with my education; I have been awarded an MBA from ESCP and a BA from Lancaster University. After this I started my professional career in marketing at L’Oréal in Beirut but after gaining 6 years of experience in the FMCG and cosmetic industry I moved to Cairo to establish my own advertising company. This entrepreneurial experience led me to join Decathlon. In 2012 I took over the responsibility of strategic buyer in the industrial division of the company until 2015. For the past 3 years I have been the Category manager of International Transportation at Decathlon.”

What are you going to be speaking about at Supply Chain Industry Week 2019?

“I am going to be hosting a workshop that focuses on developing international transportation strategies over the next 10 years. This workshop will include taking a closer look at today’s industry and trying to establish what will remain and change over the next 10 years. I’ll also look at the key factors that are changing the international transportation sector and how supply chain professionals can deal with these changes. The final thing I will touch upon is looking at how supply chains can be one step ahead in order to ensure they’re always making the right decision under whatever circumstance.”

What does the future of the supply chain industry look like to you?

“The traditional supply chain model faces challenges to adapt to the high volatility of the global marketplace. This means the supply chain model of the future needs to be significantly smarter. An interconnection between all actors will provide a seamless experience in real time and artificial intelligence will help to make quick and rational decision. If I was to describe this future in one word it would be ‘smart.’”

What can attendees expect to take away from the workshop you’re hosting?

“The main goal of the workshop is to provide a grid analysis based on the current state of the existing international transportation industry. From this we’ll look at the future of the industry and together we will establish a smart strategy for everything that is to come. So realistically, attendees can expect to take away a solid strategy that will help them prosper in the international transportation industry for the foreseeable future.”

Why do you think it’s important for supply chain professionals to attend Supply Chain Industry Week 2019?

“This event has been a must-attend event in my agenda for the past two years. It’s amongst the top leading events thanks to the relevant topics and discussions it enables, the professional participants who share vital information about the industry and also because of the highly experienced and dedicated team that have helped to put this event together. For anyone working in the industry this is the event to get all the latest information on hot topics in the industry, to be inspired by talented and experiences speakers and also to expand your network. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!”

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