The Global State of Supply Chain Excellence

Having a fully utilized and efficient supply chain is becoming the one of the most important elements in ensuring that a business is successful. Organisations across the globe are becoming increasingly aware that their supply chain alone has the ability to influence customer satisfaction as well as impact the cost-effectiveness of their organisation. Achieving supply chain excellence is now a priority. This infographic gives you the ability to understand the current global state of supply chain excellence and where the industry can go from here.

The current state of the industry sees 53% of supply chain professionals observe that supply chains are a growth enabler for their business and a further 70% think that supply chains will be the key element in improving customer service. However, of the same group of professionals, 48% believe they have an inadequate workforce to meet the growing demands of customers, making the achievement of this more difficult than anticipated. 

Of the numerous complexities that come with managing a supply chain, the main five challenges that the industry is currently facing range from improving visibility to a lack of available talent. Technology, though, is offering the industry a variety of digital solutions. Enterprise technology systems are making coordination easier for supply chain professionals and DATP is working towards decreasing the strain on driver availability. While there are growing complexities, the sphere of solutions is growing at the same pace.

Over the next 12 months, supply chain professionals will have new focuses. These will undoubtedly range from embedding technology and robotics into everyday supply chain activities and knowledge work to micro segmentation. We spoke to two supply chain professionals and speakers at Supply Chain Industry Week 2019 to discover what they think will be the biggest trends and movements within the industry over the coming months.

To learn how you can benchmark the current state of your supply chain, download the entire Global State of Supply Chain Excellence infographic. 

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