20 - 22 May, 2019
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The Importance of Digital Transformation in the Supply chain with Leonardo Marins

Leonardo Marins has spent many years working in the supply chain industry and currently works as the Transformation Deployment Lead for BAT. In our guest blog post of the week, Leonardo shares an insight into his career in the industry as well as his passions. Digital transformation and innovation is more important in the supply chain than ever before. Discover Leonardo's thoughts on digital technology.

Could you tell us about yourself and your career in the supply chain industry?

"I started my career as a trainee in the Logistics industry before moving into consulting and implementing SAP in several companies, I was always focused on the supply chain. At BAT, I had a chance to navigate in IT, Operations and Marketing roles, always connecting process and system with innovation. I'm certified by Stanford Business School as LEAD: Corporate Innovation with vast experience in large transformation programmes in Supply Chain, Logistics and Trade Marketing and also have expertise in implementing systems such as ERP, APO, CRM and SalesForce."

What makes you passionate about work in the supply chain?

"My passion is for innovation, the digital world is increasingly disrupting the industry and I think supply chain professionals are on top of this revolution. As never before, the convergence of technologies for data capturing and processing is transforming the way supply chains can make decisions, enabling new customer experience. This is a tremendous shift in business strategy. Supply chains can do much more than just cut costs, they can be a revenue generator enabling new business. Supply chain is the place to be, the future CEOs will come from this sector. Look at Tim Cook."

What are you going to be speaking about at Supply Chain Industry Week 2019?

"The idea is to discuss digital transformation with a focus on logistics. Design Thinking is a powerful methodology to understand and supply chains need teams made up of the right people to help this journey succeed. I will share a simplified framework, starting with foundations that focus on supply chain risk management, then I will discuss the integration to track movement as well as making decisions and measuring performance, all ending with collaboration using platforms. I also want to discuss key challenges and learnings that come from implementing analytics and logistics in a global company."

Why is this an important topic to discuss and what can attendees expect to take away from the session?

"The digital journey in logistics is a fact but there are several challenges preventing us from moving faster. This discussion will give insights to help us understand the three key challenges:

  • People readiness - the digital dexterity and the ability to mix the old and the new.
  • Direction - how to start and evolve, how to drive ideas into actions and how a framework can give people directions
  • Data - how to fix data and then start the analytics process."

Why are events like Supply Chain Industry Week 2019 important for industry professionals?

"SCIWeek gives industry professionals an opportunity to connect many dots in the supply chain, technology and innovation all at once. While also offering the opportunity to connect with many professionals facing similar challenges. Today, every supply chain professional is dealing with a digital business disruption and this conference will bring many insights to confirm and adjust respective journeys."

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