The Next Steps for the Ecommerce Industry with Anton Steinberger

Anton Steinberger has experienced first had just how important planning and strategising is for the fast paced ecommerce industry after years worth of experience in express markets and a current role at Zooplus, the biggest European online retailer for pet suppliers. This week’s guest blog post features a chat with Anton who shares an insight into his successful career as well as his passions, concerns and predictions for the ecommerce industry.

Could you tell us about yourself and your career in the supply chain industry?

"I have been working in the express business since 1986, the days when fax machines were brand new, telephones still had dial plates and a telex machine was commonplace. Postal operators and integrators at that time were still in different parts of the transportation market. Since then, I have taken on various positions in the national German express market, working to connect the market internationally. After working in Eastern Europe for a few years, I decided to move to France and work for the French Post, organising and building their European Key Account structure across the continent. Returning to Germany in 2018, I took a seat on the other side of the table. I’m now responsible for the happiness of pets in around 30 countries across Europe for Zooplus, the biggest European online retailer for pet supplies, head-quartered in Munich."

What makes you passionate about work in the supply chain?

"It is highly enjoyable for me to see goods moving and making sure they travel and the times and speed you want them to. Always having been passionate about delivering to the highest possible standard, I like seeing all the little wheels turning one by one and assuring the job is completed. Supply chains need to be rethought and planned on a daily basis and roles in this sector keep you aware and conscious about improvements all the time. Personally, this is more tempting to me than producing a product and turning a machine on to give you nothing else to do."

What are you going to be speaking about at Supply Chain Industry Week 2019?

"We will be discussing the expectations of retailers towards the transport companies. As well as, new developments in the markets and how to integrate them into the parcel journey and looking at what are the current trends around the last mile and what shippers can expect from carriers."

Why is this an important topic to discuss?

"I believe that the e-commerce industry is coming to an important point in its life cycle. Home deliveries are getting more and more complicated and everyone is looking for the ‘perfect delivery.’ What does this look like though? All delivery service providers are setting up new networks and investing a lot of money into this are. Who will move ahead of the competition? If you put your money in the wrong basket now, this may cause you serious competitive problems in the future."

Why are events like Supply Chain Industry Week 2019 important for industry professionals?

"The exchange between business partners in the logistics field is very important in allowing you to find allies and partners for your own develop as well as helping you to identify trends in the industry. For doing so, it is important to move out of your office and share thoughts and ideas with other decision makers and possible suppliers. These type of events help us decision makers to take the best possible next steps for our distribution networks. In addition, it helps to build networks and to support each other in these wild times."

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