State of the market report: Leisure & entertainment industry in the Middle East

With a confirmed investment of over $350 billion dollars in the theme parks and attractions industry by 2020, it is evident that countries in the Middle East are stepping-up to become a world-class leisure and entertainment hub that can rival current market leaders. We have prepared a report on the leisure and entertainment industry in the region and take a look at some of the major projects, stakeholders involved, project highlights and an overview of the industry.

Investing in Fun: Exploring The Rapid Development of Saudi Arabia’s Entertainment and Leisure Industry

Saudi Arabia is dynamically driving the creation of a revitalised and expanded leisure and entertainment industry. Download our report now to understand the key drivers behind this national and regional mega trend that represents investment opportunities worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Major projects explored include: The Red Sea Project, NEOM Mega City, Riyadh Entertainment City and the development of Saudi Arabia's cinema industry following the end of a 35-year national ban.

The Future’s favourite Theme Park destination

We have put this report together which will give you insight on the booming multi-billion dollar middle east’s theme park industry on the expansion plans, new projects announced and how technology has played a new role in experiences and theming.