Integrating Automated Systems to Increase Throughput, Ensure Safety and Maximise Network Responsiveness

By 2050, the Victorian state population is predicted to hit 10 million. This alone plays a key factor into the state’s rail infrastructure investments within the Melbourne regional and metropolitan area. With high capacity signalling that will see a 20 per cent increase in capacity and a $130 million project that will deliver a number of track and signalling improvements to maximise the benefits of the Murray Basin Rail Project and Ballarat Line Upgrade, the state is already making a move to improve existing networks and meet future passenger demand on fast and reliable services.

With the success of the long-standing Sydney conference comes the Victorian Train Control Management Systems Conference that will bring two days of case studies including project updates, how to integrate new systems and manage interoperability, change management strategies and stakeholder engagement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to network with some of Australia’s key signalling and train control professionals dedicated to sharing their insights on utilising the latest TCMS systems to increase train throughput, safety of passengers and users and maximise network operations and performance.


  • Addressing the population growth and urbanisation to fuel advancements and investments of technology in the rail industry
  • Delivering a network strategy than ensures seamless interoperability of new and existing lines
  • Understanding the strategic implementation of upgrades for train control with as little disruption as possible to the existing network
  • Change management for employees and stakeholders to improve acceptance of automation and updated communications systems
  • Defining operator requirements on safety and reliability to optimise network performance


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