30 September - 01 October, 2019 | Bayview Eden, Melbourne, VIC

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The 8th Annual Train Control Management Systems Summit is back in 2019 with a significant focus on the future of rail in Australia and how we can be implementing innovative technology in digitising and automating rail networks and signalling systems to combat these issues.

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TCMS 2019 Past Presentation Packet

Ahead of TCMS Victoria, we're delighted to release a selection of exclusive past presentations from our Sydney event which took place in February earlier this year! Enjoy insights fro ...

Victorian Rail Project Update: Optimising Train Control & Management Systems to Enhance Network Capability

With the growth in investment and new rail technologies rapidly evolving, operators must now focus their efforts on harnessing the latest innovations in order to relieve congestion, improve passenger services, and transform rail services to become more frequent and flexible to align with modern c ...

Interview Transcript with Christoph Frei, IT Manager, SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)

International rail operators are leading the way in harnessing these new signalling and train control technologies, as they must run much larger networks with higher passenger numbers than their Australian counterparts. With this in mind, we chat with Christoph Frei, IT Manager at SBB (Swiss Federal ...

TCMS 2019: Video Interview with Christoph Frei, IT Manager at SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)

TCMS 2019: Video Interview with Christoph Frei, IT Manager at SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)

Exploring the Train Control Management Processes Helping Deliver Safer, More Reliable Transport Services for Customers | Insights from Metro Trains and PT Victoria

In a modern era, where customers expect and demand more from their public transport operators, TCMS and processes have moved beyond their traditional and typical signalling and monitoring support function.

Reducing Signals Passed At Danger by 50%: How V/Line Successfully Engaged Employees to Champion Safety during Network Changes

Placing a stringent focus on engagement, training, safety, profiling and assessments to ensure all train drivers can respond effectively and safely during network growth and changes, V/Line has successfully reduced their Signals Passed at Danger (SPAD) from 23 down to 10. We caught up with Rob Hill, ...


Introducing Technology in Rail Freight – What the Future Will Mean for Employees, Stakeholders and Safety

In this presentation from TCMS 2018, Julie Loveridge, Project Manager of Strategic Assets and Engineering at Pacific National, explores:Being smarter with decision making and building less reliance on manual controls to increase controller efficiencyMaintaining relationships and consistency with track owners and other stakeholders to collectively improve safety, integration of technology...

International Keynote: Showcasing the Swiss SmartRail 4.0 Enhance Train

In this presentation from TCMS February 2019, Christoph Frei, IT Manager at SBB, explores:Specifying the case study of implementing ECTS, ATO and Traffic ManagementDiscussing the challenges that must be overcome to improve signaling and optimize train networksImproving the network and the continued lessons learned after the project is finished

Creating a Control Centre With a Greenfield Approach To Implement The Most Innovative Technology

In this presentation from TCMS February 2019, Colin Vickery, Interface Manager of Network Access & Train Control at KiwiRail, explores:Planning what technology is required in a brand new train control centre and how it presents a benefit to organisations, as well as discussing the right vendor selection for your projectManaging...

Roy Hill’s Commitment to Building a Culture of Innovation: Delivering a Train Control Solution in a Start-Up Railway Utilising Today’s Technology

In this presentation from TCMS February 2019, Trevor Nunn, Superintendent of Train Control at Roy Hill, explores:How Roy Hill delivered ERTS Moving Block as a Positive Train Control solution, the first in Australia, into the Pilbara Based heavy-haul environment;What Roy Hill learnt during this journey; andWhat’s in the innovation pipeline...

Case Studies

Innovating Rail Network Operations to Drive a Superior Customer Experience

Ahead of the TCMS Summit 2019 we chat to Peter Munro, General Manager for Network Operations at Metro Trains Melbourne (Metro Trains). In this article Peter share Metro Trains’ new network strategy that is opening lines of communication between drivers, control centres and passengers, and optimising customer experience. Peter further...

Revolutionising Sydney’s Train Network: The New Rail Operations Centre

Ahead of the Train Control Management Systems 2019 summit we chat to Tony Eid, Executive Director, Future Network Operations at Sydney Trains, regarding their new facility and delve into the benefits of an integrated rail operations centre in regards to network efficiency and enhanced customer experience.

5 Organisations that are Innovating their Network Optimisation Strategies

With over 700 million passenger journeys made on urban rail across Australia over 2016-17, and with Australia’s major cities experiencing major growth, rail network capabilities need to be up to speed. Keeping up with the latest technological developments and innovations is paramount to ensuring effective network optimisation and delivering services...