Amba Francisco

A/Director of Operational Readiness & Improvement Sydney Trains

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

12:00 PM Developing A Robust Change Strategy That Builds Confidence Within A Large Train Crew To Onboard New Technology (ATP) Without Disrupting Customer Experien

Amba as a part of the Operational Readiness group at Sydney Trains has recently helped Sydney Trains operationalize Automatic Train Protection (ATP) across its Illawarra line with zero incidents and is now helping scale her change management, onboarding and training approach to make ATP a reality across all Sydney Trains lines. As Sydney Trains prepares to adopt ETCS L2 in the next few years, Amba will share the emerging practices, thinking and methodologies required to introduce change that sticks as complex projects and visions roll out across rail networks.

  • Bridge the gap and speed up the time taken for a tech roll out across the operational rail crew
  • Re-thinking the on-boarding delivery approach to maximise crew readiness without affecting workforce planning and operational costs
  • Making sure the change and transformation delivery plan is “digestible”  
  • Lessons, considerations and implications from ATP rollout for change planning for ETCS L2

Invited Speaker: 

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