Doc Frank Heibel

. Train Control Management Trainer & Industry Expert

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

9:40 AM Daring To Innovate: What We Can Learn From Past Digital Train Control Implementation & Integration Efforts That Didn’t Hit The Mark On ROI and Promised Potent

Digital train control technologies and automation will become a mainstay in the rail network of the future and many, if not all operators in Aus & NZ, are aware of the benefits these capabilities hold. That said, many a project have come unstuck in terms of time to delivery, implementation challenges and stakeholder friction which have ultimately created a mismatch in the expected v/s realised value from these projects. Doc Frank, has a strong opinion on why and sees some significant changes in thinking and approaches necessary so that Australian rail network moves from strength to strength.

  • Common aspects in digital train control projects that have led to delivery shortfalls – a case study review
  • Uniting the top-level leadership on an uncompromising digital-first vision and strategy
  • Balancing digitization and system change with delivery risk and change management challenges, stakeholder expectations and buy-in
  • Key aspects necessary to build a digital transformation and integration approach that can scale

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