2nd International Conference 2019

25 - 27 November, 2019 | Frankfurt am Main


    The 2nd Transformation of Air Traffic Management Conference provides a forum for aviation professionals and specialists to discuss and experience the newest technologies and additions within air traffic systems. Evolving from last year’s conference launch: Remote Aerodrome Towers, this edition opens up the scope and displays, as well as discusses new technologies such as AI in digital towers, uniting UAS in UTM and building the future in information bundling SWIM.

    Key-players of the industry and find out how they will change the management of our future skies. Additional workshops enable the attendees to get an in-depth insight about newest technologies, data, implementation strategies and future innovations.

    • Why should you attend?
      • Learn about of innovative approaches of digital air traffic control that extend beyond and known practices
      • Discuss how to increase air traffic safety while cutting down operational costs and using innovative technologies without loosing the perspective on safety 
      • Get the latest updates on AI in Digital towers
      • Discover the latest innovations your peers are using to make air traffic management more cost-efficient and safe - moving towards multiple digital tower operations
      • Discuss how to approach UTM: regulations meets innovation
      • Join in-depth discussions on how the industry has to maintain the balance between technology and human experience
      • UTM: logistics & safety aspects - moving up the value chain
      • Gain a competitive advantage with lessons learned from key industry partnerships between ANSPs, system developers and airports
      • Learn about the big data importance within creating the SWIM - cybersecurity as a important key measure
      • SWIM: meet the incubators of this multinational collaboration to unite data
      • Experience live demos and the analytics behind a transformed modern day aircraft traffic management system
Interested to join the conference and share your expertise and knowledge? Contact: Moritz Mirascija, IQPC Conference Producer
T: +49 (0)30 20 913-220
E: Moritz.Mirascija@iqpc.de

Featured Speakers

Why Should You Attend?

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Get the latest updates on multiple aerodrome tower control solutions 

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Uncover advantages of digital traffic control that extend beyond safety and profitability

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Discover the latest technological advancements your peers are using to increase efficiencies via larger implementation within the airport

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Join in on the discussion about change management: how planning, communication and education can shape deployment

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Gain a competitive edge with lessons learned and case studies from key industry partnerships between ANSPs,  systems developers and airports

Who Should Attend?

Airport Operators and Owners
Air Traffic Control Officers
Air Navigation Service Providers
Air Traffic Services  
Research Programs
Remote Tower Technology Providers
Weather Protection Solution Providers
Hardware Providers: sensors, infrared cameras, displays