Munjed Al Muderis: From Refugee to Medical Revolutionary

By: TEDx Talks

Munjed Al Muderis is a world leader in "osseointegration" which is life-changing for all of Munjed’s patients, enabling the amputee to focus on the destination rather than the journey.

In this talk, Munjed explains how he is now on the top of his "Wheel of Fortune" and can now assist people who are on the bottom.

Munjed is an Australian-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor with Notre Dame University School of Medicine, Sydney. Born in Baghdad, he fled to Australia as a refugee and embarked on his journey to become an Orthopaedic Surgeon on his release from a detention centre on 26 August 2000.

Munjed’s ambition to become a world leader in osseointegration surgery started when he was a young child watching “The Terminator” movie. How to combine robotics and humans?

This passion inspired him to develop and expand this technology for amputees, to enable mobility, to enhance comfort, reduce pain and to facilitate a better quality of life. To date Munjed has helped more than 108 amputees mobilize and function with greater ease, comfort and control.

Join Munjed at the FREE Patient Experience Event at Victorian Healthcare Week on the 23-24 July 2019 at the Melbourne Convention Centre where he will be exploring specialised nerve-reassignment surgery and how it is changing lives. Also hear from one of Munjed’s patient's who will be sharing their amazing journey and experiences before, during and after the surgery.


This video was originally published on YouTube by TEDx Talks on 16th July 2015. Original link