Video Marketing in Health Care


Video is no longer an additive piece of advertising, it is a vital digital asset that is as defining feature of twenty first century marketing strategy.

Companies that haven’t allocated budget for video are missing out on the huge potential for increasing market share and connecting with consumers. Video content appeals to the shifting dynamics of online content, where 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product rather than read about it (eMarketer), and people are spending 88% more time on websites with video (CISCO).

Video marketing in general has proven itself to be one of the most successful forms of marketing, where viewers are retaining 95% of information from video compared to 10% when reading text (Wirebuzz).

Within the health sector specifically, video needs to instil a sense of confidence and reliability of the product or business, more so than any other industry. This includes client testimonials, success stories and explainer videos. 

Over 52% of consumers say that watching videos helped them with their decision making (Cisco).

“We know from research that video boosts website and social media engagement, SEO ranking and ultimately increases audience engagement.”- Will Cordukes, Founder & Director of Laundry Lane Productions.

Health marketing needs to strive for informative yet authentic video, supported by client testimonials to tell a story, opposed to focusing on advertising features and benefits. Video content addresses the need for healthcare providers to humanise their brand and make authentic connections with people in a very cluttered online world, whether it be business to business or business to consumer.

In order to effectively engage and educate the audience, video in health requires the need to restrict medial jargon and find a successful balance between being instructive and being compelling.

“Healthcare consumers no longer see video as a bonus… they actually expect it. People want to watch other people’s stories. It gives them greater confidence in their decision making.”- Alexandra Cordukes, Director of Health at Laundry Lane Productions. 

Laundry Lane Productions launched Laundry Lane Health in 2016 after recognising that the health and medical sector required specific knowledge and expertise when it came to video content creation.   

“The decision to specialise in this area has enabled us to further our work with some incredible clients, and it’s rewarding to know that many of our videos are really helpful to people who are trying to navigate their health journey,” says Alexandra.

Laundry Lane Productions will be exhibiting at Australian Healthcare Week.

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