Creating Organisational Agility Within Your Workforce To Enhance Capability and Achieve Business Objectives

Australia’s workforce is inevitably changing and reshaping. Yet when research and statistics reveal that a potential 40 per cent of Australia’s future workforce could be replaced by automation in the next 10-20 years, organisations are called to urgently correct their workforce plan to respond to the rapidly changing economic environment.

However, digital disruption is not the only factor influencing the need for strategic workforce planning. The changing demographic of employees and skills, the ability for organisations to remain globally competitive and the development of international and Australian Workforce Planning Standards demonstrate this demand to ensure you have the workforce you need for the future to meet your service and product demands.

With this in mind, IQPC is proud to host the 4th Annual Workforce Planning Summit 2019, taking place in Sydney between the 18 - 19 June. Focusing on better development of workforce strategies and decision making, this event will bring together key Workforce Planning thought leaders in a cross-industry forum to deliver case studies and insights in responding to the changing workforce conditions.

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Featured Speakers

Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Managing and addressing retention, progression and stability strategies with the contingent workforce

Generational planning: analysing the way the new generation is thinking about work and the way it will effect the future growth of your workforce

Embracing digital literacy to plan for a digitally enabled workforce

Securing executive buy-in through understanding workforce analytics and data in contributing to performance measurement and improvement

Developing and building capabilities in workforce planning to align with and secure quality accreditation

Who will you meet at the 4th Annual Workforce Planning Summit 2019?

Hear and network with some of Australia’s leading workforce planning professionals in the roles of:

  • Director/Chief/Head of/Managers of Human Resources
  • Director/Chief/Head of/Managers of Workforce Planning
  • Director/Chief/Head of/Managers of Workforce Optimisation
  • Head of/Manager of Organisational Capability
  • Head of/Manager of Talent Management & Acquisition
  • Head of/Manager of People and Culture
  • Workforce Development Managers
  • People and Productivity Managers

Featuring case study focused presentations from thought leaders from across the public and private sector

Engage in networking opportunities with some of Australia’s workforce planning professionals across all industry sectors

Learn practical ways in facilitating growth, maximising revenue and embracing innovation within your workforce

Benefit from an in-depth focus day and interactive workshop that will develop and progress your Strategic Workforce Planning capabilities

Discover insights and case from cross-industry sectors who will share their strategies in overcoming limitations and restrictions on planning for short-term and long-term workforce objectives

Develop your understanding of the current workforce planning standards and accreditation and how to implement and understand analytics

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