18 - 19 June, 2019 | Sir Stamford Circular Quay, Sydney, NSW

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The 4th Annual Workforce Planning Summit 2019 is set to return this year on the between 18 - 19 June in Sydney!With 30% of the Australian workforce market consisting of contingent workers, the changes in our workforce demographic and an increase in new an ...

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Workforce Planning Presentation Packet

Ahead of the 2019 Workforce Planning Summit, we offer you some exclusive presentations from the 2018 event. Enjoy insights from:Penny Lovett, Chief HR Officer at The Salvation Army

What’s New in 2019? Harnessing Data Analytics to Forecast for the Future

Harnessing data analytics is an effective way of ensuring accurate analysis for strong, evidence-based workforce planning and decision making. Ahead of the Workforce Planning Summit 2019, we examine two selected case studies and how these organisations are leading the ...

Bridging the Skills Gap: Empowering your Workforce with Modern Skills to Retain and Attract Talent

Ahead of Workforce Planning 2019, we dive into the current stats surrounding the skills gap and take a look at how three organisations are looking to mend it, and remain adaptable and competent ...

Telstra’s Future Workforce Strategy: Aligning Organisational Objectives with Talent and Capability Needs

Ahead of Workforce Planning 2019, we catch up with Anne Cavalieros, Head of Integrated Workforce Management at Telstra to take us through the strategy and how this is driving capability uplift and future-proofing Telstra’s workforce.

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Preparing for a Next Generation Workforce: Strategies to Optimise and Streamline Workforce Planning

Ahead of the Workforce Planning Summit 2018 we look at five strategies some of Australia’s biggest organisations from banking, education, telecommunications, hospitality and media are leveraging in a bid to optimise their workforce for the future. 

Best Practice Workforce Planning Strategies to Effectively Plan, Manage and Engage Your Workforce

Ahead of the Workforce Planning Summit 2018 we look at the workforce optimisation strategies being leveraged by four organisations and delve into how these strategies are helping fill capability gaps, more effectively forecast workforce needs and improve productivity.  

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Remote work is the 'new frontier', but is it really the death of the office?

There's a new wave of companies embracing "remote work", with employees spread across continents and time zones, freed from the cubicle and a soul-sapping daily commute. Gone are the days of water cooler chat and bonding at a messy staff Christmas party. Remote companies find innovative ways for their workers...

2018: When AI will humanise the workplace - HR Trends for Australasia

The rapid growth of workforce data has led to a transformation in the way organisations are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop and personalize their HR services and building a more compelling and attractive Employee Experience (EX) for their people. AI has already transformed HR Insights and now drives nearly...

The learning continuum: HR’s role in future-proofing the workforce

In today’s ever-changing world, there is a demand for new skill sets every year. For organisations to survive in the long term, it is imperative they ensure staff remain future-ready and embrace a culture of lifelong learning.In such an ever-changing world, Jennifer Wu, vice-president of talent and operations at LEWIS...

A world of change in the modernising workforce

If you’re concerned about the future of work in Australia, don’t look to iconic Australian band Men at Work for guidance. While I’m a big fan of their ironically named 1982 debut album, Business as Usual, the central message of their song Down Under is that if you hear thunder,...


How RMIT University Are Shifting From Metrics to Analytics to Build Capability and Create Executive Sponsorship Around Workforce Planning

In this presentation from Workforce Planning 2018, Kevin Murphy, Director Strategic Workforce Planning & Reward at RMIT University covered:Managing the balance between RMIT’s own workforce and producing the next generation of industry’s workforceBattling how affordability, changing student and employer expectations, globalisation of the workforce, digitalisation of education and microcredentialingn can...

International Convention Centre: Understand How HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics can be Effectively Used to Create Business Opportunities and Growth

In this presentation from Workforce Planning 2018, Luke Fleming,  Workforce Planning Manager International Convention Centre Sydney covered:How to focus the development of workforce analytics and HR metrics around the organisations important issues to increase possibility of business growthExploring the different tools in which HR metrics and workforce analysis can help...