How RMIT University Are Shifting From Metrics to Analytics to Build Capability and Create Executive Sponsorship Around Workforce Planning

In this presentation from Workforce Planning 2018, Kevin Murphy, Director Strategic Workforce Planning & Reward at RMIT University covered:

  • Managing the balance between RMIT’s own workforce and producing the next generation of industry’s workforce
  • Battling how affordability, changing student and employer expectations, globalisation of the workforce, digitalisation of education and microcredentialingn can impact operations and therefore, workforce planning strategies
  • Managing the expectations of both customer and industry to ensure the university is future focused and meets student and industry needs around employability

International Convention Centre: Understand How HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics can be Effectively Used to Create Business Opportunities and Growth

In this presentation from Workforce Planning 2018, Luke Fleming,  Workforce Planning Manager International Convention Centre Sydney covered:

  • How to focus the development of workforce analytics and HR metrics around the organisations important issues to increase possibility of business growth
  • Exploring the different tools in which HR metrics and workforce analysis can help in strategic decision making processes
  • Understanding how HR metrics efficiency can transition to organisational realignment analysis to enhance workforce analysis systems