Stadium Security Workshop: Friday, 11 September 2020

8:30 am - 2:00 pm Securing stadiums, communities and fans: From cyber to physical security

Stuart Knowles - Stadium Safety Advisor, .
Sports is all about emotions. Rivalries lasting centuries, players treated as godlike personalities, the rush and adrenaline when your team scores a late winner against a fierce rival. Along with these, with advancement in the business models of clubs and stadiums, and with thousands, if not millions of fan data available with these organisations, security professionals within these organisations and the ecosystem around it have seen their role evolve over time.

With advance technologies come more advanced cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Moreover, with incidents, threats and risks on the rise, stadiums need to up their cyber resiliency along with their physical security to safeguard critical data, fan and customer data and confidential information before it lands up in external hands, costing millions of dollars, potential loss of lives and regulatory repercussions.

Ensuring a comprehensive security strategy should not only involve threats from terrorism, hooliganism or other emergency situations, but also heavily focus on cyber threats and data protection with the rising cyber-attacks targeting stadiums, arenas and heavy data organisations.

This full day security workshop has been formulated to provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving issues and challenges facing modern sports venues. From rising cyber threats and attacks targeted at arenas and stadiums to gather sensitive data, to physical threats including terrorism, rivalries and hooliganism, the workshop will dissect real incidents and uncover the best remedies to ensure safety and security of stadia and fans globally.

Split in two sessions, the workshop will first cover aspects of physical security, control rooms, venue management and match day preparedness followed by the second session highlighting the advances in cyber threats and what clubs and stadiums are doing to implement a resilient infrastructure.


  • Deep dive into IT infrastructure, control rooms and data protection: The growing cyber threat and data loss
  • Learn the importance of having a well-structured and knowledgeable control room that drive the delivery of a Proactive Risk Management & Compliance timeline
  • Cyber warfare, data protection and protecting critical infrastructure and data using advanced cyber security strategies and technologies
  • Balance of planned and foreseeable risks vs response to spontaneous incidents
  • Understand the provision of sensory rooms and the flexibility to spontaneously offer the service in addition to planned ticketing in that facility
  • How to ensure through design a properly ‘fit for purpose’ evacuation plan for accessible supporters to ensure they work through power failure of all types


08:30 Registration, refreshments and networking
09:30 Session 1
11:00 Morning coffee and networking
11:30 Session 2
12:50 Wrap up & closing remarks
13:00 Networking lunch
14:00 End of workshop

Workshop leader:


Stuart Knowles

Stadium Safety Advisor

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